This month we’ve discussed three different ways of avoiding over-optimization on your attorney website, including how to write great page titles, how to avoid cut-and-paste headers and footers, and how to choose smart anchor text and internal links. In this blog post, we will discuss over-optimization and article spinning.

What is article spinning, and why do people do it?
Article spinning is when a website re-writes the same article multiple times – sometimes dozens of times – often filled with keywords and links. The idea behind article spinning is that you create lots of content related to your subject matter while also avoiding duplicate content, and therefore improve your page rank.

What’s the problem with article spinning?
Article spinning might have been a slick SEO trick a few years ago, but Google is getting better at spotting these tricks all of the time. Google doesn’t like article spinning because it isn’t helpful to the web surfer to read ten articles that say virtually the same time – and because spun articles are rarely well-written or high quality. We agree: a poorly written article that isn’t anything more than a vessel for keywords has no place on a professional attorney website. It’s bad for search engine optimization, and it’s bad for your web visitors.

The article spinning alternative
Instead of over-optimizing your website with repetitive, empty articles, take the time and resources to provide your readers with unique and high-quality content. While cheating the system might seem like an easy way out, it never works for long. In addition, cheating the system means cheating your website visitors, and that’s no way to get new clients and cases.

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