The professionals you see being interviewed on the news about their take on a hot news story all have one thing in common: they were the first ones out of the gate when an important news story broke, and they had put the miles in, preparing for the race months or years before the big day arrived.

I want you to be this professional, and I want you to understand the important role breaking news can play in your success and your image as an expert in your field. I want you to beat out every single one of your competitors.  

Nobody Remembers Who Took 8th Place

Sprinters Crossing the Starting Line

And nobody will remember you if you're the 800th person to chime in on a breaking news story. You have to be prepared to sprint to the front of the pack or all of your efforts will be for not; your articles and press releases will be buried under a mountain of information written by those who trained harder than you did.

Tip: Get your image ready for your big moment by shooting high-quality, interesting video and loading it to your YouTube channel and website. Doing so will prove to the media and your ideal market that you are the leading expert in your field. Also, update your site—daily is best—with interesting articles that answer the questions on your ideal client's mind.

Losers Start Last

If you don't jump on breaking news the moment it breaks, there is no way you'll be the first to cross the finish line. You have to be the first off the blocks if you expect to place well. There are many breaking news services, alerts, and apps you can use to help you get a jump on the competition and clinch your win.

Tip: Sign up for our free breaking news alerts to ensure that you know about your big story the moment it breaks. Our team constantly scans the news in search of stories that relate to your business. We then alert you to the opportunity—all for free.

Put in the Miles Before Your Big Race

While it's absolutely true that you need to break into a dead run as soon as big news hits, there is a lot of training you need to do to prepare yourself for the sprint. If you haven't trained, you can have the best breaking news plan ever and still fail to win the race.

To prepare yourself for your big break, you must:

Can you have a successful breaking news campaign without these elements? It's possible. But if your site, your image, and your brand are interview-ready, you will find that you are able to quickly get up to speed, impressing both the media and your audience. This will help you not only do well but win the race.

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