Google Explains the Panda Update – Know the Impact on Your Law Firm's Website

Oh, the Google Panda update – where do we begin?

It is interesting that there is such a nice, “warm and fuzzy” name for Google’s major algorithm change. People love pandas. People don’t necessarily love the Google Panda.

When Google changed its algorithm, which is used to determine website rankings, some benefited tremendously, while others found their websites drop off into non-existence. According to an article posted on, Google’s code change shifts billions from losers to winners, even though some sites found their rankings skyrocket, the algorithm shift hit many businesses hard. reported that one website,, was forced to let 10 percent of its workforce go just days after the algorithm change, due to a massive drop in their traffic and revenue.

What Google Had to Say

At a recent conference, Matt Cutts with Google shed some light on the algorithm change that rocked the Internet world. Below are some of the highlights:

  1. Low quality content is not good. He emphasized that poor content could lower a website’s rankings. According to Cutts, a quick fix would be to go back and improve the overall quality of the content or take off the pages altogether. We also have some content tips in our articles, Protect Your Attorney Website from the Next Google Storm and Why successful attorney websites won’t be affected by the new Google search algorithm, that you can read.
  2. Make sure your site is useful. We tell you all the time – provide interesting and relevant information to your prospects. Cutts echoed this sentiment. He said that if Google feels a website isn’t useful to users, they may not crawl it as frequently. (Google has spiders that “crawl” the Web on a regular basis to rebuild their index.)
  3. More changes are on the horizon.  According to Cutts, sites with low quality content are going to continue to be targeted. Google will be working to make these websites, along with content farms, less visible in search results.

Look at these recent changes as an opportunity. If you add quality content to your law firm’s website regularly, not only will you be helping your potential clients, you will also be rewarded by Google and other major search engines.

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