Who hasn't heard of Facebook founder and business tycoon Mark Zuckerberg, especially now that Hollywood has made him famous through the movie The Social Network? And what does multi-billionaire Zuckerberg have to do with your own legal web marketing efforts?

Zuckerberg has it right: develop a product that's the hottest thing going since the Internet or the remote control and you get to call the shots, regardless of the reported cost or the time of day. It's reported Zuckerberg turned down a billion-dollar deal because the timing didn't work for him due to a social conflict and the fact that he doesn't like early morning meetings.

Follow your passion and you'll reap the rewards.

Obviously Zuckerberg follows this golden rule, and so can you. If your practice is your passion, then starting a web marketing campaign or simply executing your current efforts more effectively will only increase your bottom line. 

To most of us, a billion dollars would mean the world. But to Mark Zuckerberg, it was a pittance. Why? Because he had confidence in this first-of-its-kind online viral medium and knew it was being sorely undervalued. How can you be sure you aren't under-performing on your legal web marketing efforts and being under-valued by prospective clients? 

Ask yourself some questions about your legal web marketing plan:

  •  Are you using all of the appropriate online marketing platforms to your advantage?
  •  Are you effectively using key words on your website, your blog, and all of your social media outlets, including YouTube?
  •  Are you building an editorial schedule that suits your practice and your followers, thus enhancing your bottom line?

If you feel like your web marketing strategy needs a boost, give the internet marketing experts at Foster Web Marketing a call for a consultation at 888-886-0939. Also, be sure to take a look at our book Explode Your Practice through Internet Marketing.

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