Do-It-Yourself Web Marketing: Write a Press Release

Some marketing projects—like launching a new website or setting up call tracking—are extremely difficult to accomplish without the help of professionals. But other marketing tasks can be taught fairly easily and executed by you or someone in your office. One marketing task that you can take on with just a little guidance and training is press releases.

When Should You Write a Press Release?

Basically, you can put out a press release whenever something newsworthy takes place that involves your website:

  • You hire someone new at your office.
  • You begin to offer a new service or expand your practice.
  • You move locations or expand.
  • One of your staff members receives an honor.
  • You win a big case.
  • You are featured or interviewed in the news.
  • You have written a new guide or ebook.
  • You launch a new website or campaign.
  • You would like to comment on a local issue.
  • You would like to report on an issue that has recently been in the spotlight.

What Should You Do With the Press Release Once it's Written?

Writing the press release is half of the battle. Distributing the press release is the other half. Be sure to distribute your release both online and locally. Locally, send it to newspapers and news stations. Online, be sure to post it on press release websites and on your own personal website. Don’t forget to link to your press release from all of your social media accounts.

Learn More About Doing Your Own Marketing

At Foster Web Marketing, we care a lot about giving business professionals the tools they need to market themselves successfully both online and offline. If you’d like to learn more about how you can take your marketing efforts to the next level—with minimal help—contact our team today at 888-886-0939.

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