Know What Keywords You and Your Competition Use

It is important to research and collect data on the keywords you use to garner traffic to your attorney website. There are many keyword research tools that you may use, and we have done our research to find the best tools for your attorney website. Here are the two we find work the best.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools is a basic, yet well-rounded, search engine optimization (SEO) management system; however, one of the drawbacks is that Raven does not track Google Places rankings yet. Google Places is very good, free, and is capable of bringing back local results.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is reliable, straightforward, and does track Google Places rankings. All you have to do is make a quick change in the "Preference" section.

How Does Rank Tracker Work?

  1. Plug in the URL of the site you want to check.
  2. Select which search engines you want to review (select "Universal Search" to receive the Google Places rankings).
  3. Enter the keywords you are researching.
  4. DONE!

Rank Tracker will then show the ranking next to the keywords you entered for the site you wanted to check. It will also show you where your site falls in the selected search engines' results for the specific keyword. If you did choose "Universal Search" in the Preference section, then you will also view results for videos, images, places, shopping, news, etc.

Additional Feature

The "Suggest Keywords" feature is a very useful addition. By using this feature, you will see related keywords and their keyword efficiency index (KEI). This tracks how many times the keyword has been searched for over the past month and how many competitors are using it. If you see that the search number is large, but the competition is low, then that would equal a great keyword for you to snag!

Just as important as tracking where your traffic comes from by using Google Analytics and YouTube Insight, using a keyword research tool can help you have the best attorney website out there. Use these simple tools to track your keywords and find out what they are doing for you.

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