5 Classic Tips for Excellent “White Hat” Attorney SEO

You hear us talk a lot about Google’s frequent changes, and it often seems like nothing stays the same from one day to the next. It’s true: we do see a lot of changes from Google, and they may affect you positively or negatively, but there are a few things that never go out of style when it comes to attorney SEO:

  1. Fixing what’s broken. It seems obvious, but you may be surprised at how many people forget to take a peek at their websites once in a while. Make sure your website is always up-to-date and free of broken links, broken images, and other problems.
  2. Keeping your links in line. Although the Google Penguin update has put increased importance on links, it has always been important to avoid link farms and make sure your internal and external links make sense. Not sure how to get started? Talk to us about link building for lawyers!
  3. Knowing what your potential clients want. Figure out which keywords people are using to find you, and think about the kinds of questions you are asked by new clients. Offer multiple ways to get in contact with you, and consider a free book offer to help inform and build trust with your potential clients. You can never go wrong by making your clients happy!
  4. Content is always king. Doing well in search engine rankings will probably always depend on maintaining great content. After all, the whole reason people use search engines is to find content!
  5. Giving Google a hand. Pay attention to the search engine giant’s changes and what they’re looking for (or looking to avoid). Make sure your lawyer website is set up so that Google’s crawlers can find your content and figure out what it’s about. If you’re not sure how to check or what to change, speak with our web design or attorney SEO team today!

Does your online attorney marketing need a boost? Speak with the law firm SEO experts at Foster Web Marketing today at 888-886-0939, or simply fill out our easy online contact form for more information. For more great information about taking your law firm marketing to the next level, request your FREE copy of our informative guide, 7 Biggest Mistakes Lawyers Make With Their Web Marketing That Cost Them Millions in Cases, Clients, and Profits. Contact a member of our web marketing team for details!

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