You know how important it is to update your attorney blog regularly and often, but you don’t have much time and aren’t sure what to say. The result is a good number of posts, but all of them are very short. Is that bad?


While an isolated short blog post can be refreshing, interesting, and even fun, posting a long series of very short lawyer blog entries can be annoying to your readers and harmful to your search engine optimization goals. Generally, you should avoid blog posts that are under 200 words.


Why are very short blog posts bad?


  • You don’t have space to convey important information. Two hundred words are simply not enough to give your readers a useful amount of information. While it is great to be concise and to the point, it isn’t so great to rush through an explanation or skip over details.
  • You don’t have time to show your personality. When we read short blog posts, we often notice that the attorney isn’t taking the time to connect with the reader, show why she is different, or let the reader know that she has unique knowledge or skills.
  • You aren’t making the Google spiders happy. When Google scans your website and sees a large number of uber-short posts, they start waving their red flags. Like us, they suspect that short articles mean articles that are short on information.


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