I’m Going to Tell You Exactly How Bill Turley Became a Legal Leader

“My Site Was Terrible”

Bill Turley admits it: his site was “terrible.” It wasn’t working for him, and it suffered from terrible search results. He knew that he had to find a web consulting firm to work with, but not just any firm would cut it.

“I started researching website consultants. I went all over, all the way to page 20, looking for the right fit,” said Bill. “You guys caught my eye, the main selling features being DSS and your content.”

Bill remembers poring over the content on our site. He was amazed that we were willing to give away so many industry “secrets” and quickly understood that “content, content, content” was the best way to build a website. And, from what he could tell, DSS was the best way to add content to his site. He wanted to be able to add content himself, and DSS allowed this. By adding content himself, Bill was able to control exactly what was posted to his site.

While we built him a beautiful site, and he started adding custom content right away, Bill didn’t see any changes. In fact, it took at least six months for him to notice that the site was getting more traffic and that his phone was starting to ring more.

“Your people told me that there would be no magic pixie dust,” laughed Bill. “But I still thought that the new site would be an instant success. So when things didn’t immediately pick up, I admit, I was nervous.”

But Bill kept putting in the hours and started narrowing down his areas of focus. He realized that, to be successful, he had to determine which markets were less competitive with better paying clients. Then he began marketing directly to this demographic—to his perfect clients. He wrote and created ads with them in mind, and all started to go well. That is until Bill made a few classic—and all-too-common—errors.

“All My Eggs Were in One Basket…and They Broke”

At this point, Bill was working on his website between 20 to 30 hours a week. Weekends, evenings, and any time he wasn’t working on cases, he was glued to the computer, maintaining his site and running advertising campaigns. And while he was doing well, he also made some mistakes along the way.

“I had been creating webpages for each of the sub-communities here, and Google found out,” said Bill. “They dinged me pretty hard.”

This was difficult to swallow, given all of the hours he had put into his sites. But he brushed himself off and kept going, this time following Google’s rules. But then apathy set in. He was getting a ton of referral clients, so he slacked on his marketing. After all, if the clients were being sent to him, why bother marketing?

“I stopped marketing entirely. But then, their practice dried up,” laments Bill. “I had made the classic mistake and put all my eggs in one basket…and they all broke. At one point, I owed a lot of money. I knew I wanted to pay off every dollar I owed, and that I was going to work my butt off to do so.”

“My Stubborn Pride Paid Off”

Some attorneys would have thrown in the towel. With so much money owed and a struggling practice, nobody would have blamed Bill for walking away. But walking away just isn’t in Bill’s character.

“To me, I had no choice,” said Bill. “I could have given up, gone bankrupt, worked for someone else. But I had a lot of pride. I just wasn’t willing to give up. Fortunately, my stubborn pride paid off.”

He worked his fingers to the bone, rebuilding his practice and advancing his marketing goals, all while writing tons of content. Bill had learned from his mistakes, and his killer work ethic finally paid off. It took about two years for Bill to pay back the money he owed, but he paid back every penny.

While Bill was doing well and was now out of debt, things really turned around when, two years ago, he reached out and asked our team to help him. His marketing had worked so well that he no longer had the time to add content on a daily basis and keep track of his site. He had been going it alone, a true do-it-yourselfer, but it was time to call in the troops.

“Last year I had the best year ever, better than I’ve ever done,” gushed Bill. “This was the year I upped all of my services, and it’s been worth every penny. I can’t express how your company has changed my life. I went from near bankruptcy to needing to hire more lawyers because I have so many cases.”

The Six Hugs

Bill was able to express his feelings of gratitude the last time I saw him. He gave me six hugs, saying that they were for every office he’d opened and one for his wife. You can also see his glowing testimonial here.

I couldn’t be more proud of Bill. Through sheer determination, he was able to get out of debt and not only realize his professional dreams, but exceed them. Bill Turley truly is a superstar attorney, and I’m so happy that I got a chance to show off just how well he’s done.

I’m hoping that the story of Bill, of his triumphs and tribulations, will show you that anyone can succeed in marketing their firm—with a little help. If you need help, please call me up today at 888-886-0939, and let’s work together to help you achieve Legal Leader status.

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