This week, the world lost one its greatest businessmen, innovators, and visionaries -- Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs. The 56-year-old marketing guru lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on Wednesday, but not before giving the world a plethora of well-designed and groundbreaking products that changed the way we live and the way we communicate.


Here are a few monumental marketing lessons from Steve Jobs:


  • Good marketing educates people. Jobs believed that marketing shouldn't be about tricking people into choosing your product or service, it should be about educating them so that they understand that your product is something they want.

  • Simple can be harder than complex. Jobs may be most famous for the simple, intuitive design of his company's products. He was sure to explain that these "simple" devices often took hard work to develop, but that they were well worth the time and effort.

  • People don't know what they want until you show it to them. Job's wasn't a big fan of focus groups or even listening to what customers wanted - he believed that the best ideas are the ones that no one has even thought of yet. Yes, you should give customers what they want, but often they can't put those desires into words.


And here's a lesson that isn't about marketing, but about life: Jobs was emphatic about living each day as your last - and looking in the mirror each morning and asking what you will do each day to get closer to your dream.


Here at Foster Web Marketing, we will remember what Jobs accomplished as well as his timeless marketing lessons.

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