The Most Up-to-Date Way to Claim Yahoo Local Listings Without Paying for Yext

It seems like ancient history now, but Yahoo was once the most prominent search engine site. Today, despite being overshadowed by Google, Yahoo is still an important pillar in the house that is your online presence. According to the SEO big-shot, Yahoo tends to be the most authoritative source for local citations, and it even ekes out a place in the top 10 most important citations for most industries…including attorneys.

Despite this influence, Yahoo has long been a thorn in the side among local SEO companies trying to claim and update Yahoo business listings. It can take a long time for Yahoo to verify your local listing after you claim it—and even longer to publish, if your listing is not already in Yahoo’s database.

Just recently Yahoo’s dashboard has undergone another change and claiming your listing has become even more difficult. In fact, if you search Yahoo’s site for a free way to update your listing, you will come up empty-handed. Yahoo’s local team has recently partnered with, and you must go to Yext’s website in order to claim your Yahoo listing.

We’ve included the direct link for claiming your Yahoo listing as well as some directions so you don’t get lost along the way.

The Path to Yahoo Passes Through Yext

To start off the Yahoo Local claiming process, go to

  • Begin a typical Yext scan: enter your business name and telephone number to search for your business. You must also enter in your first and last name, but this is not factored into your scan. Then click “Find My Listings.”
  • Click “See My Report” on the popup that shows up, and you will be presented with a Yext scan.
  • Check to make sure your business information is pulled correctly by Yext. If it pulled the wrong business information, update it by clicking “This isn’t my business information.”
  • After you verified Yext is pulling the right business information, make note of any business listings you need to update; we’ll get a chance to do that in a moment. For now, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Continue.”
  • Your next screen will allow you to edit your business listing. Make sure you are accurate here, and click “Continue.”
  • You will now be presented a signup page with four different local listing packages promising to clean up your business profile across the Internet. Yes, there is a charge for these services, and No, you don’t want to sign up for any of them. Scroll past all these packages. At the bottom of the plan pane you will see a link (in tiny type) to “Claim your Basic Listing only on Yahoo.” That’s the choice you want. Click there.

See the little link on the lower left? Click THAT to claim your Yahoo basic listing

  • You can now verify your NAP (name, address, and phone number), website, business category, and your contact information. This will enable Yahoo to contact you to confirm your information.

How confusing was that?! Even for SEO experts, this claiming process for Yahoo Local is tricky. If you have any issues with claiming local citations or need help with claiming your Yahoo Local listing, feel free to call us at 888-886-0939.

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