It was difficult to miss the online protests against the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) last week. Websites like Wikipedia shut down completely, while top search engine Google placed a black strip across its universally recognized logo.

But while you might understand what SOPA is and what the law strives to do, you may not understand how such an internet piracy law might affect websites for lawyers. Let’s take a closer look at what a post-SOPA world might look like:
  • Google and other search engines would have to make significant updates to their algorithms so that websites infringing on property rights would never be listed.
  • Search engines would likely take much longer to index new websites and pages, meaning that it would take longer for the articles and videos you post to appear in search engine results.
  • You would need to make certain that your attorney website does not violate the online piracy law in any way and that the websites you link to also do not violate the laws. Including an image, video, music, or other piece of copyrighted material on any one page of your website could threaten your domain as a whole.
  • The face of social media would change drastically, as sites like Facebook and YouTube could be found in violation of the laws each time a user uploads an image, video, or recording.
Currently, both SOPA (the House online piracy bill) and PIPA (the Senate piracy bill) are on hold as lawmakers work with the online community to fashion appropriate changes to the bills and look for alternate solutions to online copyright infringement.

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