Even a Simple Time Typo Can Spur Readers to Question Your Competence

A recent email from Banana Republic left quite an impression on me, but certainly not in the way the company had intended!

Banana Republic Typo

Do You See the Error?

I, being the persnickety editor that I am, felt the need to write to Banana Republic and let their managers know they had made a mistake, and that we’re currently observing Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), not Eastern Standard Time (EST). I also went through a number of other emails from them, and realized that they had been making this error in their terms and conditions for quite some time!

I (surprisingly) received a response, which stated, “We absolutely are observing EDT. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. I have submitted your comments to our marketing team…”

What Does This Go to Show?

It's very common for people to get confused about whether we’re observing daylight saving time, or to just write EST throughout the whole year—including big companies that you’d think always have these sorts of things under wraps!

And, when you add in the fact that Arizona (with the exception of the Navajo Nation) and Hawaii don’t observe daylight saving time, but instead stay on standard time all year long, it seems to make the whole thing even more confusing.

How Can You Ensure You Don’t Get Mixed Up When Springing Forward or Falling Back?

Well, you can always type in your location on a site like timeanddate.com or, if you have an international audience, you might as well just throw in the towel and get used to The Time Now; however, let’s not overthink it if we don’t have to! Just stick with a two-letter abbreviation (e.g., ET) instead of taking the chance and writing it wrong.


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