Keeping up With Google: August Content Marketing Tips and Tricks

I, for one, revere and fear Google. It is an endless source of invaluable information, but it can make or break you if you don’t play by the rules—and those rules always seem to be changing. August, however, gave us a sweet little reminder that Google changes with purpose, and if we are playing by Google’s rules, we can reap the benefits even as the rules change.

Here are some tips, tricks, and plenty of articles that will help you to understand what changes are happening and how you need to handle them.

The Old, The New, and What You Should Do

The Old: Google Authorship existed to draw attention to your search engine results, and Google believed results with authorship would bring in more clicks. As of August 2014, Google Authorship is over.

The New: While Author Rank isn’t new, it’s still here, providing benefit. If Google “knows” who authored a piece of content, and has deemed that author a trustworthy source of information, it is likely to appear in search engine results.

What You Should Do: Continue writing in-depth articles, blog posts, and news stories that establish your expertise, and use bylines that give your name, position, and date (or continue to use the author tag in DSS!).

The Old: While keyword-stuffed content is no longer the key to success, you can audit your content to keep up with the changes.  

The New: Content is still king, and one the best ways to market yourself. Check out these Ten Lessons From the 10 Most Influential Content Marketing Brands. Having an excellent content marketing strategy can put you leaps and bounds above your competition, and knowing how to do it is key. Here you can find Five Steps to Creating a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy.

 What You Should Do: Think like a user and act like a writer. Provide information that your users are searching for—not what you think they should know. Have your work proofread, make sure it’s high quality, and keep it interesting!


The Old: Link building used to be a quick and dirty trick much like keyword stuffing. If you sent enough keyword rich links to link farms, you’d boost your rankings.

The New: Link building is still critical, but Google wants organic, useful links! Learn about link building and why your content marketing team needs a link builder.

What You Should Do: First things first: create high quality content. You need to have something worthy of linking to. Once you’ve done this, reach out to people who also produce high-quality content related to yours, and share what you have.

The Proof Is in the Pudding: Why Editing Your Content Matters

This past month we’ve introduced Typo Tuesday, a series of blog posts that prove how essential it is to have your work proofread! These major brands, organizations, and even media outlets are threatening their own credibility with these embarrassing mistakes.

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