Lawyer Marketing: 5 Common Meta Description Mistakes Attorneys Make

When your webpage appears on Google, the meta description appears right below the title – and many readers use it to decide which search engine result link to click. At the same time, search engines use meta descriptions to help rank pages. Are you making any of the following common meta description mistakes?


  1. Cutting and pasting and reusing generic meta descriptions. It’s easy to create one general meta description for your website and just use it for every page. It’s also terrible for your search engine optimization. And readers won’t be enthused to click on a link with a boring, generic description of your law firm when they are looking for specific information.
  2. Keyword stuffing your meta descriptions. Search engines are getting better and better at recognizing poor attempts at keyword stuffing. At the same time, readers are extremely turned off by the unnatural and annoying appearance of keyword-stuffed meta descriptions.
  3. Not taking an extra minute to make your meta description special. A tiny bit of extra effort can go a long way with meta descriptions. Go the extra mile and make yours special by adding a line about a free offer or speaking to a common reader concern.
  4. Leaving your meta description blank. By far the worst mistake you can make is not taking the time to fill in the meta description field. A blank meta description harms your SEO and discourages readers from exploring your website.

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