Adding News & Current Events Items to Your Attorney Website is a Great Way To Boost Business – If You Do It Right

One of the best ways to add awesome content to your attorney website is to write about current events and local news items that affect residents in your area and potential clients. Here’s how:

  • Follow your local news. It’s as simple as reading your city newspaper and checking a few local websites (or following local news media on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter). Each time you see an article related to your practice areas, write a 250-word summary of it for your website (or have someone in your office or a third party do it for you).
  • Post news articles quickly. One of the greatest benefits of posting news events is that local residents will be searching for keywords related to the event in the days after it happens. If you wait too long to post your news story, that window of opportunity closes. While it is sometimes advantageous to space out content posts, it is always better to post news as soon as possible.
  • Never cut and paste. Only harm comes from copying news items word-for-word from other websites and news sources. Not only does it seriously harm your search engine optimization, it is also considered stealing and plagiarism. Take the extra time to write an original piece. And, if you use information from an official news source, take a moment to reference it or link to it in your article.
  • Only pick relevant items. Posting news is great – as long as the news is relevant. Don’t force a news item about Britney Spears or Hurricane Sandy onto your website if the connection to your legal service just isn’t there. Posting news isn’t about tricking people interested in a current event into clicking on your stories, it’s about discussing local events that matter to your audience.
  • Write a corresponding blog post. The best part about covering local, relevant news events is that you can use them as a springboard for other posts. For example, if there was a serious accident caused by fog in your town, you can write a corresponding blog post about driving safely in foggy conditions. Likewise, if you cover a local slip and fall lawsuit, you can use the opportunity to write about premises liability law.

At Foster Web Marketing, we offer news article writing services to attorneys and help lawyers learn how to cover local events on their own. To learn more about either option, call our content writing team today at 888-886-0939.

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