There are plenty of features that make for great medical malpractice lawyer web design. But there is only one thing that a great attorney website absolutely can’t survive without: great content.

What does great content accomplish?
With every piece of content that you write or commission, you are adding another page to your website, another entryway for visitors, more helpful information for readers, and more authority to your web presence. Content is not just “filler” – it is vital to SEO and vital to the overall success of your medical malpractice website.

Good web content versus bad web content
Not all content is created equal. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Duplicate content – content that appears on other websites – can badly harm your search engine optimization. Content written by those unfamiliar with medical malpractice law and attorney marketing can turn off readers or even provide incorrect information to potential clients. Content written solely for SEO purposes is often unhelpful to readers and painful to read.

Great attorney website content is unique, high quality, accurate, and interesting.

Need content? Look no further than Foster Web Marketing.
Whether you want to learn how to write effective articles for your own site or take advantage of our content writing services, the marketing team at Foster can help you transform your current medical malpractice lawyer website into a marketing tool that works. Give us a call today at 800.800.0939 to learn more about getting started.
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