Are You Ready to Integrate Breaking News Into Your Marketing? See How Dave Frees, the Breaking News Wizard, Does It!

Magician Pulling Rabbit Out of HatWhen it comes to breaking news, Dave Frees has more tricks up his sleeve than David Copperfield, Siegfried, and Roy combined. He is able to put news stories—both big and small—into his hat and pull out rabbits…in the form of new leads, clients, and big money cases.

Dave’s Been Covering Breaking News Before It Was Cool

Long before we were shooting on-demand breaking news videos—in fact, in the dark ages of 1994—Dave was keeping his eye on big news events. This was the year that Jackie Kennedy Onassis died. The news of her passing gripped the nation, and Dave knew that her estate plan was unique and that details of her will and estate would be of interest to many of his clients.

Dave calls these early breaking news efforts “primitive,” but we see them as brilliant. Dave was ahead of the trend, and now, in the days of a 24-hour news cycle, Dave is still able to use breaking news to highlight his skills and services.

Luckily for you, he’s not a magician who guards his secrets. I recently talked with Dave about how he uses breaking news to further his reach and advance his image as an expert in his field. You’ll be amazed at just how powerful breaking news can be when in the hands of a master.

The Power of Local News

While Dave has used big ticket news stories to his advantage—chiming in on the will and trust of the King Of Pop, for example—he has also realized success by making the most of local news.

Not long ago, a new Pennsylvania law took effect. This law was hardly mentioned in the news, but Dave knew that his audience would be very interested in the story. Because of this, he immediately jumped on it and put his breaking news plan into action. Dave…

  • Featured the law in his print and email newsletter.
  • Posted about it on social media.
  • Contacted local media outlets
  • Dictated a script about the law, to which he added PowerPoint. This allowed him to put up several videos within a few hours.

Of course, everything he did pointed back to his site, driving traffic there. And was it effective? You bet! Because he acted so quickly, and with such a deft hand, he was the only attorney to take advantage of the story. His strategy worked so well that Dave got:

  • Ten new lucrative clients.
  • Many calls from current clients who wondered if the law applied to their businesses.
  • Multiple clients updating their estate plans. (Each worth between $1,000 and $5,000)
  • Local media exposure.
  • The opportunity to teach a course on the new law.

The Magic Is in the Rabbits

What are rabbits most famous for? Making more rabbits. This is another reason why breaking news has been such a powerful trick for Dave. Any new clients he gets from a breaking news blast—along with the old clients who have called to update their wills and trusts—are very likely to recommend his services to a friend. In this way, he is able to reach a wider audience than a singular newsletter, blog or video ever could. His reach expands, his image as a highly skilled expert improves and his law firm continues to thrive.

The best thing about Dave’s breaking news tricks is that anyone can learn to do them. All it takes patience and preparation.

Setting Up the Trick

Much like a master magician, Dave has been hard at work for months—even years—before a news story breaks. He’s not only been preparing for his moment in the sun, but also presenting himself to the world as the estate and will attorney to hire. To prepare yourself for the day your story hits, Dave suggests that you:

  • Build an image. Dave has worked steadily over the years, adding quality video and compelling content to his site. What he’s built is a website that reflects his brand and helps advance his image as an expert in his field. This lends credibility to his claims and, as a bonus, is a great way to prove to the media that you know your stuff and are camera ready.
  • Get connected. If you get your hands on a hot news story, you need to be prepared to pitch your ideas to local news stations and newspapers. Doing so will be a thousand times easier if you have already made contacts within your local media sources. You need to know who to talk to, their expectations and be able to prove that you have something important to say.
  • Search out the stories. Your first step is to find the stories that matter to your audience. You need to have your finger on the pulse of news, both local and national, that tie into your business.

The Keys to Pulling It All Off

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Knowing your ideal client is the key to marketing success. Dave knows this too, that he has to understand his perfect client, their needs and interests in order for his trick to work.

“What you need to do is choose a specific point in the news story and relate it back to your ideal client,” advises Dave. “Then attach it to your name, your brand. At this point, you have control of the story, how it’s told. Tell your story directly to your perfect client, naturally tying the story into your area of practice.”

I want to thank Dave for taking the time to talk to us about his experiences with breaking news. I hope that his stories of success will inspire you to go out and take advantage of hot news.

Ready to try your hand at transforming your practice through breaking news? Your first step is to sign up for our free breaking news alerts. This is your first step toward making the kind of magic that can transform your image and your practice forever. Next, give us a call at 888-886-0939. We can help ensure that your site—your image—is ready for the spotlight.


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