Create a Culture of Excellent Customer Service

Would you shop at a store that employed rude salespeople? How do you feel when you don’t get the service you thought you were going to get? There is nothing worse than feeling ignored as a consumer. Make sure you are not neglecting your perfect clients. Remember, it is much easier to keep an existing client than to acquire a new one!

There are some ways in which you can create a culture of excellent customer service, including:

  1. Train everyone within your organization on how to treat clients. From the moment clients call your office for the first time to the end of their case, they should feel important and valued at your practice. Not only do you want to retain your clients, you also want to get referrals from them.
  2. Manage your reputation. What are people saying about you both online and offline? While you won’t be able to please every client who walks through your door, you should keep track of the comments they are making about your organization. Reputation management is a big deal in the online world. You should monitor the buzz surrounding your company through Google Alerts and the social networks. This will give you an idea of the perception people have of your firm. You should be engaging in these discussions. If someone has something negative to say about you on a review site, post a reply or contact that person directly. There is a lot that goes into reputation management, so feel free to reach out to us with questions!
  3. Post testimonials and encourage reviews. You should be posting testimonials from your satisfied clients on your website. Your goal is to attract your perfect clients; if they can see what others have to say about your firm, it can go a long way. In addition to those testimonials, you should also encourage your clients to leave you reviews on such sites as Google+ Local, Yelp, Avvo and more. Determine which sites your perfect clients would likely check before hiring you, and ensure you have good reviews posted there!

To retain your perfect clients and to get referrals, be sure to spend the time and energy to develop your culture of customer service excellence.

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