How Outside Sources Build Your Content

You have the format of your attorney website and an account to every social media website available.  Everything is set to begin your practice. You are only missing one thing - content. What should you write about? What are your future clients seeking? What are their concerns and interests, and how do you find these things out?

Ask the stupid questions

Then again...there is no such thing as a stupid question. Ask! Ask family, friends, and strangers on the street what legal questions are plaguing their minds. If they needed a lawyer, what would their first questions be? You must put yourself in your client's shoes and see through their eyes to know the needs of the public. So, take off those leather dress shoes, and start stomping the pavement.

Check out other attorney websites

Be curious, and review other attorney websites that are in your same location and practice area. What questions are they answering? What topics seem the most popular? Scan through these items, and ask yourself if the questions you received from your first search parallel some of these items.

Read all about it

Know what is happening in your area by watching the news, reading the paper, and/or using Google News. For example, if you are based in Southern California, a current hot topic is the Fullerton police beating of a homeless man. Another topic that is of interest to all, regardless of location, is the Michael Jackson trial. If your practice revolves around medical malpractice, that would be a good topic to track. Financial practice? The protests of Wall Street would be a great event to talk about.

With life changing moment to moment and the days going by one-by-one, you will never run out of relevant and intriguing topics and questions to generate your content. Keep asking what the people want, whether you are brand new to the attorney web marketing or seasoned. We all need to constantly update and upgrade as the world changes around us.

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