On August 24, technology visionary Steve Jobs officially resigned as the CEO of Apple, Inc. His decision comes after several years of health problems and a cancer diagnosis - and also after over a decade of successes and innovations at the computer and gadget giant.


What impact has Jobs had on the marketing community?


While the success of the iPod, iPad, iPhone, and MacBook have certainly made Jobs a household name over the last 14 years when it comes to personal computers, new technology, and intuitive applications, many in the online and mobile marketing worlds also understand that Jobs was a pioneer of everything from advertising and branding to creative content and customer loyalty.


What can the online marketing community learn from Jobs and Apple?


  • Don't follow the leader; be the leader. Apple has taken some big risks throughout the years, but they can never be accused of following trends or just trying to keep up with the competition. The result was not only financial success, but also several revolutionary (and wildly popular) products, such as MP3 players and Smart phones.

  • Simplicity is often the best way. Apple has developed an almost fanatical following of users - and many praise the intuitive, simple, sleek, and user-friendly products and applications that make the company such a standout. Add an extremely well-run customer service department, and watch your company grow.

  • Building is more than just a marketing buzzword. The iconic apple logo. The lowercase i. The memorable commercials. Apple doesn't just sell phones and computers; they sell a culture and a way of life. Often, their customers don't just use Apple products; they identify as Apple users.

  • Let your customers do some of your marketing. What's more likely to convince you to buy a product: a commercial or a glowing recommendation from a friend? By focusing on keeping their customers happy, informed, and part of the process, Apple and Jobs have created millions of users who happily go out of their way to spread the gospel.


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