Pay Attention to the Four Foundations of Attorney SEO and Give Your Website a Boost

Are you new to search engine optimization?  Because everything changes so quickly, it’s easy to start feeling confused or overwhelmed as you learn more about online attorney marketing and start to build a website for your law firm. Although it’s easy to get lost in the finer details, the real meat of good SEO really boils down to just a few main concerns.

Here are the four foundational elements of awesome attorney SEO:

  • Content. Your content should be unique, relevant, and written for your potential clients—after all, most internet users find you through Google because they have a question that needs to be answered. Be sure to incorporate the keywords and phrases potential clients are likely to type into a search engine.
  • Links. The links to and from your site can tell Google a lot about your online presence, what your site is about, and the overall quality of your content. Avoid using paid links or spammy links, and work toward building link relationships with other quality websites.
  • Credibility. If you don’t appear credible, Google won’t be impressed—and neither will your potential clients. A big part of attorney SEO is in establishing a professional and authoritative presence online with a combination of professional web design, high-quality images and video, thoughtful content, and sticking to “white hat” SEO tactics. 
  • User engagement. Reach out to your audience on the Web, and you’ll probably see a big difference in your search rankings and contacts. Take advantage of social media, respond to comments on your blog, get involved with Twitter, and always include a “call to action” in your content. 

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