Convert Web Visitors & Prospects Into Leads and Clients with Informative Content

Who doesn’t want to convert Web visitors into clients? Isn’t that what this whole Internet marketing thing is all about? There are some things you can do to improve your conversion rate, which has a lot to do with your content.

Informative Content is All About Conversion

As you add content to your website, you need to understand that your goal is conversion. Keep in mind that this means you are trying to convert visitors into contacts, not into clients at this point. While it would be nice if people went on your website, fell in love with your practice and decided to hire you on the spot, that is not reality. You simply want them to fill out your contact form or pick up the phone and call you, which will get the relationship going.

The Magic Formula

So, what is the magic formula for creating conversion-focused content? Here it is:

Catchy Headline + Informative Content (that answers the prospects’ questions) + Call to Action = Web Contact

Catchy Headline: The headline on your webpage is going to be the first thing that catches someone’s attention, so it should be conversion focused. That means it needs to be interesting. Think of your headline as the title of a newspaper article. Who would read an article if the title was dull?

Here is an example of a boring, ineffective headline:

Welcome to Smith & Smith’s Website!

A much more effective headline would be:

Wondering what you should do when you are injured? Order our FREE book!

Informative Content: The content on your website—whether it is a blog entry, library article or practice area page—needs to be informative. People want to know if you can help them. A lot of your potential clients are searching for information only on the Internet. They may or may not be ready to talk to a lawyer, but they do want to find some answers. Provide them with the answers they are looking for in an informative, easy-to-understand way. Also, provide links to other content on your website that would be helpful to the reader. Put these links at the top of the page.

Call to Action: Reading your content is not enough; you need to get your Web visitors to actually contact you. One of the best ways to do so is to offer a free book or report. They need to feel compelled to take you up on your offer, which means you need to mention the free offer in your content and make it sound enticing!

When You Don’t Have Enough Time

You may be reading this article and thinking, “Yeah, this sounds great, but I don’t have the time.” The good news is that we can write your content for you! In fact, we specialize in writing content for lawyers and other professionals. Our team of experienced writers is skilled in writing conversion-driven content that is also search engine optimized.

Call us at 888.886.0939 or fill out a contact form and we will get back to you soon.

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