The 48-Hour Theory Behind Breaking News

In The First 48, real life detectives work to solve deadly crimes. They know that if they don't get a suspect within 48 hours of the murder, their chances of solving it decrease dramatically.

48-Hour Breaking News TheoryWhile breaking news is not a life or death situation for your practice, missing out on the biggest story of your career can have a devastating impact on your success. To prevent this from happening, I'd like to let you in on a theory I've been working on.

The 48-Hour Breaking News Theory

I've worked with many clients who have taken the leap and decided to try their hand at breaking news. And while the news stories differ—from child abuse to natural disasters—one thing remains the same: those who are able to create and promote video and written content within two days of the moment the news breaks, win. They win rankings on the search engines and in the minds of the media—and they win the hearts of their audience.

On the other hand, when they wait too long to react to the story, any content they write or videos they shoot are buried under a pile of thousands of others. Their information is not fresh or relevant; it's old news that nobody cares to read.

So, to get the results you want, you must be ready to pull the trigger and begin the breaking news process the moment the news hits. Because the second it does, your 48 hours begins.

The Big Story Just Hit. What's Next?

You've heeded my warnings about missing a big story and have signed up for free breaking news alerts. Because of this, you're able to take action within hours of the first news report.

Your first move is to stop everything you're doing and create content and videos that answer the questions on people's minds. At the very least, this means writing a blog post about the event, loading it to your site, and promoting it on social media. But, to be honest, a single blog post isn't likely to get you much attention. To truly take advantage of a news story, you'll need to write multiple pieces, create a landing page for news-related traffic, and shoot a video—fast.

To help you get a jump on your competition, we offer our clients access to our breaking news team. Within that crucial 48 hours, we will have produced and distributed: 

  • 1 professional grade video
  • 1 press release
  • 1 news item
  • 1 blog post
  • 1 FAQ
  • 1 landing page
  • Social media blasts for every content piece

As always, our team will generate well written, professional content that's been optimized for search engines and addresses the needs of your perfect client.

Don't let your big break pass you by. Sign up for our free breaking news alerts and then call 888-886-0939. We will make certain that you're ready for the moment your big story hits.

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