The “Vanity” in Vanity URLs is a Good Thing

Vanity URLs are a great way to brand your law firm. If your name, logo, and style are all over your website and other social media websites, then your web address should reflect your branding as well.  This will help to keep your attorney web marketing cohesive and easy to remember.

What is a vanity URL?

According to Wikipedia, a vanity URL is "a URL or domain name, created to point to something to which it is related and indicated in the name of the URL."

Examples include:,, and

How are they useful?

They are extremely useful for offline marketing and in videos. Here is a video to help explain.

How can they be used?

As shown above, vanity URLs are excellent for offline marketing. Put vanity URLs in your newspaper or magazine ads, in your mailers, and on billboards and other forms of display advertisements. Use specific vanity URLs in your radio and TV ads. 

Where you can get one?

GoDaddy is a great place to get a vanity URL ...and for cheap! They have specials and sales, and some go for as low as $1.99.

Vanity URLs are a good, inexpensive investment and will add to your offline marketing. It will bolster your branding and provide and easy way for your clients to remember who you are and where to find you.

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