What Are You Doing Right Now to End Distracted Driving and Raise Awareness of the Risks?

You know that it’s dangerous to drive while you’re texting, talking on the phone, eating a last-minute breakfast, combing your hair, or otherwise distracted from focusing on the road. You probably assume that most everyone knows about the many risks of distracted driving. However, distracted driving is still taking lives and causing accidents every day, and there is so much more that can be done to spread the word.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and it also marks the three-year anniversary of the death of Nikki Kellenyi. Nikki’s life was taken in a distracted driving accident when she was only 18, prompting her family to create an organization called People Against Distracted Driving (PADD). PADD is focused on raising awareness and supporting legislation in hopes of saving other families from the pain of losing a loved one to a distracted driver. This month, whether you choose to get involved with PADD or take action on your own, we urge you to join us in the effort to end distracted driving.

What You Can Do Now to Help End Unnecessary Deaths Caused by Distracted Drivers

To truly end distracted driving on our roads and highways, everyone has to play a part. Here are some ways you and your law firm can get involved right now, as well as some ideas for reaching out to your own community:

  • Visit PADD’s website or connect with it on Facebook. PADD has also teamed up with Uber to provide free rides to teens and college-aged students who don’t feel safe with their drivers through the “Just Say PADD” Arrive Alive National Distracted Driving Safety Campaign.
  • Use your own website, blog, and social media pages to raise awareness of distracted driving. We actually found out about PADD when the organization contacted Steve Richardson, one of our clients, to thank him for his content covering the distracted driving accident that took Nikki’s life—and then Steve let us know about PADD’s efforts. This is proof that you truly can make a difference through the content you post and the contacts you make!
  • Hupy and Abraham, another one of our clients, has put a great deal of time and energy into raising awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. The law firm has created videos, posted content to its site, and encouraged everyone to take the pledge to end this risky driving behavior. It even offers a free bumper sticker to help you spread the word.
  • Foster Web Marketing has also partnered with PADD, and we are excited to announce that we are working with the organization to provide local case referrals for our attorney clients who support the cause. If you have any questions or want to get involved, you can call us at 888-886-0939 for more information.

Remember that ending distracted driving can start with you. Whether you’re giving talks at a local high school, sporting an anti-distraction bumper sticker, or sharing prevention tips through Facebook, the efforts you make have the power to make a difference.

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