Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Website Design and Marketing for Attorneys, Doctors, and Other Professionals

Below are some questions many clients have when they first contact Foster Web Marketing about the online marketing world.

The questions below may address many initial concerns you may have. If you don't find your answers here, you should contact us for answers to any questions specific to your firm.

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  • Are there any disadvantages to using Google AdWords to market my law firm?

    It’s reasonable to say that most people these days are turning to Google when they need answers, and that’s part of what makes Google’s pay-per-click AdWords service a real boon for online attorney marketing. The potential wide exposure and the ability to target a specific audience make AdWords a tempting investment – especially since you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad! However, despite its many benefits, there can be a downside to a Google AdWords campaign for attorneys

    A Poorly Managed Google AdWords Campaign Can Be Money Down the Drain 

    If you’re not managing your AdWords campaign carefully, then you could just be wasting money. If you’re not using appropriate analytics tools, carefully researching and choosing keywords, and constantly adjusting to Google’s many changes, then it’s likely that either no one is seeing your ad or you’re getting traffic without conversion. 

    Additionally, even the most effective AdWords campaigns can take a little time to really take off. It’s likely that you’ll be tweaking and adjusting your keywords and settings for a while before you really are able to target the audience you’re looking for and see the real long-term benefits. 

    A Steep Learning Curve

    Pay-per-click advertising comes with a steep learning curve, and it can be hard to find the time to make the adjustments that really make it hum. If you’re interested in starting a pay-per-click campaign for your law firm, we’d love to help you get started. Just give our online attorney marketing experts a call at 1-888-886-0939, or fill out our easy online contact form for more information!

  • Are there any disadvantages to social media marketing for attorneys?

    Social media marketing for attorneys can be a powerful tool to grow your practice, but there can be disadvantages if you fumble in how you handle it. Using social media poorly or inappropriately can hurt your law firm rather than help it, and it’s worth taking the time to learn more about appropriate use of social media before you dive in. 

    If you want to use social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to market a law firm online, keep in mind that proper social media use takes:

    • Time. If you’re doing social media right, then you’ve probably already discovered that it’s a time-consuming process that generally requires daily attention. 
    • Effort. Just having a profile isn’t enough – you will need to post interesting and relevant content regularly, keep up with any changes, and keep an eye on things with analytics tools.
    • Engagement. Social media requires a certain level of engagement. Be prepared to get your audience talking, and be ready to respond promptly to comments. 

    Sound like a lot of work? It certainly can be. However, social media marketing is becoming more and more important to both your online audience and your attorney SEO efforts. Don’t miss out on new clients and new contacts because you don’t have the time or the skills to master social media marketing. Just give the online marketing experts at Foster Web Marketing a call at 1-888-886-0939 to learn more about how we can give your social media presence a professional boost. 

  • Can I write my own free book offer for my lawyer website, or do I need help?

    We don’t like telling our clients that they can’t accomplish their own marketing projects and campaigns successfully – and that includes telling our clients that they don’t have the ability to write their own free reports and book offers for their lawyer website. The truth is that many attorneys are able to write their own reports as long as they have the knowledge and will to do so. 

    Before beginning your book, ask yourself the following questions: 

    • Do I have the time and energy to invest in this book? 
    • Am I able to clearly express my ideas in writing – without the technical talk? 
    • Do I understand what features and benefits a free offer book should have? 
    • Do I understand what my potential clients want to learn from a free book? 
    • Do I have the ability to lay out my book and design the cover? 

    If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t write your own book, it simply means that you may need to educate yourself about e-book writing or that you may need a little help from an editor or designer along the way. At Foster Web Marketing, we encourage our clients to learn about the lawyer website marketing projects that they are investing in and to participate to any extent that they wish. To discuss your possible new e-book or to learn more about our services, call us today at 888.886.0939. 

  • I know that mobile websites are generally preferred for smartphone users, but what about tablet users?

    These days, there are lots of ways to access the Web, and it’s important that you are sensitive to the needs of all of the users who find you. You probably already have a traditional website and a mobile attorney website, but do you need to do anything different for tablet and iPad users?

    What Makes Tablet Optimization Difficult

    The problem with tablet optimization for websites is basically that tablet users’ needs are somewhere in between those of desktop and mobile users. While they are still navigating with their fingers and need simpler design elements like smartphone users, they are more likely to be looking for more detailed information and content like a desktop user. 

    Much of this is also dependent upon the size of the tablet – ranging from tiny, 5-inch tablets to much larger 10-inch tablets like the iPad. On a small tablet, user needs are closer to the needs of smartphone users; on a large tablet, users may be demanding an experience more like a desktop or laptop user. 

    So how do you provide a great user experience for the potential clients who find you via tablet? Tablet use is new enough that there are no easy answers yet. Some professionals decide to create a new mobile website for tablet users, and others choose to carefully tweak either their traditional or mobile websites to be tablet friendly. 

    If you need a hand deciding how to optimize your attorney website for tablet users, give our online attorney marketing experts a call today at 1-888-886-0939. We’d be happy to help you improve the tablet experience on your traditional site and help you build an effective mobile site for both tablet and smartphone users.  

  • How can I build my online credibility with attorney SEO in mind?

    Appearing credible to both Google and your potential clients is a key element of effective attorney SEO, but it can be difficult to know where to get started. Here are three easy ways to increase your online credibility and improve your search engine optimization:

    • Don’t use “black hat” SEO tactics. Web users these days are getting more savvy—and so is Google’s algorithm. Using underhanded tactics like keyword stuffing, hidden links, useless content, etc., is usually a one-way ticket to wrecking your credibility.
    • Use high-quality images and video. Using unrelated, low-quality pictures or putting up a bunch of poorly lit webcam videos could actually hurt your credibility more than having no images at all! Make the extra effort to use high-quality image content for your viewers, and consider using a professional video team to present you as the professional you are.
    • Use your content to answer questions. Content carries a lot of weight in attorney SEO, and most of your online readers are looking for answers when they find you. Taking the time to answer common questions and clarify common experiences helps establish you as the authority to turn to with legal issues.
    • Pay attention to your links. Although it often goes overlooked, establishing and maintaining relevant links can be a huge boon to your online marketing efforts. Avoid paid links, spammy links, or links to and from low-quality sites so that Google knows you’re a credible site.  

    Does your attorney website look unprofessional or just need a little love? Reach out to our online attorney marketing team today, and let’s talk about it. Give Foster Web Marketing a call at 888-886-0939, or fill out our easy online contact form for more information.


  • I don’t understand what to do with all the information I get through Google analytics. Is it really necessary for my attorney SEO?

    Analytics is a crucial part of attorney SEO – the data you receive through analytics can tell you how effective your online attorney marketing is, what keywords are working, and where your law firm website could use some work. Used correctly, analytics can be a guiding force in building the kind of online presence that brings in more contacts, more clients, and is truly a benefit for your law firm.

    Here are the questions that analytics software can help you answer:

    • What keywords are bringing people to my site?
    • Where is most of my traffic coming from?
    • Are the people who find me finding what they need when they get here?
    • What are my most popular pages?

    Using analytics, you can fine-tune your online marketing plan, know what’s working (and what isn’t), give your potential clients what they’re looking for, and stay on top of the frequent changes to Google’s search algorithm.

    Sound pretty good? It is! If you need help making better use of your analytics data, the online attorney marketing team with Foster Web Marketing can help! Speak with us today at 1-888-886-0939, or simply fill out our convenient online contact form for more information.

    And, for more great information about beefing up your online marketing, request your FREE copy of our must-read book The 5 Biggest Mistakes 99% of Lawyers Make with Their Websites. This important guide explains more about the most common attorney website pitfalls and how effective use of “white hat” SEO can help you get seen. 

  • Why is web video so important?

    The popularity of web video has grown exponentially in the last several years, and it’s a trend that’s likely to remain popular—and even continue to grow—in the future. Here are just a few of the reasons great web video is so important to your online law firm marketing:

    • Some people just prefer it. Some users prefer text, and some users prefer video. Using both text and video on your website means you appeal to everyone.
    • YouTube helps drive traffic to your site. You can use your web video on your site, and you can also use it on YouTube. YouTube itself is the second biggest search engine in the world, and it’s owned by Google, the number-one search engine. Using YouTube to market your business means more traffic to your site.
    • Google sees your site as potentially more relevant. Because you are offering more content in video format, Google takes notice and your rankings can soar.  
    • Users stick around on your site longer. If you create informative and effective online video for law firms, it’s likely that your audience will stick around on your site longer, making your site look even better to Google.

    Need help creating an online video marketing plan for your business? Speak with the experts with Foster Web Marketing today at 888-886-0939, or use our easy online contact form for more information.

    Want to learn more about the incredible power of web video? Request your FREE copy of our must read book How to Get Found by the World’s Most Aggressive Internet Users…And NEVER Miss Another Lead

  • Why Are Our Competitors Ranking So High?

    A lot of factors are behind why one website ranks higher than another. It is more than just a simple answer. In fact, it could be the name, how old the domain is, how long it has been on the web, how much content it has, how relevant that contact is to a search term, what links point to that page, how many links, how valuable are those links, and more.

    While there can be a lot of complexity behind why, Foster Web Marketing has the tools to analyze these factors. Also, the tools can be used to specifically see what it is going to take to beat out your competition.

    Search engine rankings matter, but there is more to it than just that. It is also important to ask the following questions about what your competitors are doing:

    • Are their rankings high for relevant keywords?
    • Is your competition answering the specific questions that potential clients have?
    • Is your completion ranking well for long-tail search?

    The reason that these questions matter is that high search rankings are not all that it takes to accomplish a high conversion rate and to generate quality leads. In fact, just because a site has a high ranking does not mean that it is even generating worthwhile leads.

    Contact lawyer website marketing firm Foster Web Marketing today at 888.886.0939 to determine how to become top ranked for your high-impact search terms and to get the competitive edge that you have been looking for. 

  • Why Do I Need a Book or Report?

    You need a book or report because it is an important way of generating new leads and interacting with your potential clients.

    Every visitor to your website is different and will have a different way of interacting with you and your site. Some will prefer to call you, while others will want to first see what you know. This group of visitors will start by downloading your book, so a book is a great way to generate high-quality leads and is another way to obtain a lead’s contact information.

    While many attorneys have books, a way to stand out is by your cover and title. When people visit your website, their eyes will gravitate toward your book because of the design and title. So, it is important to make this high quality. Also, making the book focused and targeted—while at the same time marketing it as being available for free— can allow you to fully leverage this marketing tool.                                                         

    If you would like help designing and writing your book or report, contact attorney website design firm Foster Web Marketing at 888.886.0939. 

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