Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Website Design and Marketing for Attorneys, Doctors, and Other Professionals

Below are some questions many clients have when they first contact Foster Web Marketing about the online marketing world.

The questions below may address many initial concerns you may have. If you don't find your answers here, you should contact us for answers to any questions specific to your firm.

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  • Why are home pages and practice pages so important?

    Consider these pages “landing” pages. This means that these pages are going to generate the most traffic on your website because they are the pages that users “land” on when they search for information. If you have used useful keywords and phrases within your web content, then a search engine will bring up your homepage and your practice page if it is specific to the search. So, more than likely, the first page a browser clicks on is either your homepage or practice page.

    On these pages, include an overview of your practice, and focus on the user – do not go into detail about you, your accolades, or your practice. Keep it brief, and let the spotlight be on the reader and their possible concerns. Also, make sure to have your contact information on each of these pages along with a call to action. If there is not a next step for the user to take, then you have just lost yourself a contact and potential client.

    Web content for attorneys is not an easy task. With a large team of designers, writers, editors, SEO experts, coders, video experts, and marketers, we can help you with just about any aspect of your web marketing campaign. To learn more about our services, including content writing, use the following information to contact us: Visit, or call 888-886-0939.

  • When it comes to video marketing for lawyers, should I use a high-definition camera?

    Everybody knows that it’s better to watch a football game or a blockbuster in high definition, but does high definition make a difference when it comes to online video marketing for lawyers? Absolutely. An HD video not only has a significantly sharper picture and significantly better color than a standard-definition video, it also has cleaner, clearer sound. While this is obviously a great feature on a large, flat-screen television, it also makes a big difference on a smaller computer screen. Low resolution and poor sound can quickly make viewers click away from a video when looking for legal services, and unprofessional videos can reflect poorly on your practice regardless of your case results.

    Video can serve as the first time that your potential clients “meet” you and learn about your law office. It is key that you present your best self – with the best quality video.

    Do you need assistance with producing your online attorney videos? The team at Foster Web Marketing can help you create and display your marketing videos from beginning to end. To browse some of the videos we’ve created, visit our video gallery. To talk to one of our experts about making your own videos, please call 888.886.0939.


  • What is Avvo?

    Avvo is one of the social media websites that you can take advantage of to enhance your search engine marketing. Avvo claims to be “the world's largest online legal directory.” The site contains every US attorney and provides a rating. Through this, their 2.5 million visitors can browse through the profiles and choose the one that best fits them. Use this profile to its highest ability by using Avvo's free advertising solutions: claim your profile, answer questions left by visitors, and publish Legal Guides to spotlight your expertise. Your Avvo profile is also search engine optimized, so potential and existing clients will easily find you on Avvo and search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

    Avvo is another internet footprint needed to cover your bases in the web marketing world. You don’t want your future clients to miss you in any corner of the World Wide Web. Your website, along with your social media outlets, is what you need to have a successful search engine marketing plan. Foster Web Marketing is here to help your plan! We will work closely with your Avvo profile to help you receive positive feedback from your client list. Satisfied testimonials from them are a great thing to have to garner future clients.

    Please contact us to discuss this service and see if we can help you!

  • I have a lawyer website do I need a mobile website, too?

    Yes! Why? Because your lawyer website is probably not mobile-user friendly. You need a mobile website. True, anyone with a smartphone would be able to go online and view your site, but it probably would not fit on the screen correctly, not all the buttons may work, and it would be impossible to download any files. If you have an actual mobile website, then there would not be any issues. Someone who is recommending you to a friend as they are walking into a meeting would be able to show off your site that is compatible with their phone. There would be no need to rush to a computer or wait till later.

    Currently, 50 percent of all local internet searches are done through a smart phone. These users want a positive and painless experience on your site, and the way to do this is to have a mobile website. Navigation will be simple, and different aspects of your website will be highlighted that a smart phone user would want highlighted.

    To learn more, contact one of our attorney website marketing experts today at 888.886.0939. You can also check out our Attorney Mobile Websites and Apps page. 

    Be sure to order a FREE copy of our book The 5 Biggest Mistakes 99% of Lawyers Make With Their Websites

  • What Is a Call to Action, And Why Is It Important for My Attorney Website?

    A call to action on a webpage is an invitation for your visitor to take the next step. Instead of passively reading your website and moving on, a call to action asks them to make a move toward building a relationship with your business. A call to action can be concrete (“Click here!”) or more open-ended (“Let us hear from you!”).

    Here are a few common calls to action that can be found on websites for lawyers:

    • Call to schedule a free consultation.

    • Provide us with your contact information.

    • Tell us your story.

    • Download our free legal guide or ebook.

    • Leave a comment on our blog post.

    • Follow us on Twitter.

    • Chat now with an online representative.

    Why is it important for your lawyer website user to act? While getting tons of web traffic is great, the real, final purpose of your website is to connect with great new clients. A call to action invites these potential clients to initiate your relationship.

    Does your lawyer website lack strong calls to action? Or are your calls to action not producing results? The online marketing experts at Foster can help. Call us today at 1.888.886.0939 (see what we just did there?).

  • How Will the Google Panda Update Change Lawyer Web Design?

    Ever since Google announced its new search engine protocol (dubbed "Panda"), attorneys have been wondering what they need to do to their websites to make certain that their pages still rank well and protect against future search engine algorithm changes.


    More than anything, the Panda update teaches us that the world of SEO is ever changing, and that it will always be much more valuable to focus on producing clean design and high-quality content than to focus on tricking the system. While old SEO strategies would have you stuff articles with keywords and concentrate on article directories, the new solution is realizing that some things will never go out of style: user-friendly sites, unique content, and giving visitors the information that they are looking for.


    So, what do you need to do to your attorney website design to keep up with the Panda? We recommend that you take a close look at your site, and see whether it is catering to visitors or trying to trick search engines. Focus on content users want instead of the content search engines might like.


    Need professional SEO help to tackle the Panda? Call Foster Web Marketing today at 1.888.886.0939.

  • Can't I Just Use My Computer's Webcam to Create Videos for My Attorney Website?

    While many attorneys understand the importance of adding video to their websites, fewer people understand the importance of adding high-quality videos to their websites. Although it may be tempting to simply produce your own videos while sitting at your desk and utilizing your computer's built-in webcam, lawyer webcam videos will rarely produce the same benefits as professionally produced videos.

    Webcams are becoming a more popular feature on both desktop and laptop computers, but the quality of a webcam is absolutely no match for a professional camera. Webcams will often produce dark, grainy images with poor sound. At the same time, the backdrop for your webcam video will often be your office wall. Believe us; your website visitors will immediately recognize that you are using a webcam to record your video!

    At Foster Web Marketing, we specialize in producing online videos for lawyers that look and sound great. We welcome you to browse through some of our client videos to see just what a difference a professional touch makes - and what an effect video can have on your attorney marketing plan. Do you want to add high-quality lawyer videos to your website? Contact us today at 1.88.886.0939 for more information.

  • I understand the importance of web videos in my marketing strategy, but what if I'm camera shy?

    Camera shy? Don't like your recorded voice? Wish your nose was missing that bump?  The answer for you is a spokesperson. 

    This is a great route to go because, not only is the spokesperson going to look the part, they are also trained to be in front of a camera and speak to an audience they are unable to see. You also get to handpick the person, so you know exactly who is representing you and your attorney practice.

    It is also a good choice to use a spokesperson since they are trained, and they will be able to get through the recording of your video more quickly. Time is precious, and they can utilize your time to the best of their ability.

    Do not feel as if your attorney website cannot have a video because being in front of the camera is not your forte. You have options, and there is a solution. Don't let your web marketing get left behind.

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