How much should I prepare before I meet with your attorney ghostwriting team?

Although we’re happy to work with you at any stage of the attorney book writing process, there are a few pieces of information that will help us get started more quickly. Before your meeting, think about your answers to these questions:


  • Do I want to create a single book or a series of books?
  • Do I know what I want the book to be about, or do I need help coming up with ideas?
  • Do I have a timeline in mind for publication?
  • Do I want the tone of my book to come across as friendly, caring, aggressive, or formal?
  • Do I already have some resources or written content I’d like to incorporate?


Jot down your answers to these questions and any additional concerns you may have, and be ready to talk about it with our attorney ghostwriting team. We’ll help you clarify and expand your ideas and set you up with a professional writer who can make those ideas a reality.


Need more writing help? For more information about creating great content for your potential clients, take a look at our own FREE book for attorneys, The Secret to Content that Gets You Cases, Plain and Simple. This important resource will help you write better content for your online audience and really reach out to your potential clients.


And, as always, if you need a hand with any part of book writing for lawyers, give our attorney ghostwriting team a call at 1-888-886-0939 or use our quick online contact form.

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