Chris Abbott

Chris Abbott

Senior Front-End Developer
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Chris Abbott is better known as Foster Web Marketing's "Super Coder." From the day he started with FWM, near the end of 2010, he's been working hard to breathe new life and techniques into our production processes and the websites we produce. His meticulous attention to detail and pursuit of perfection with his craft is second to none. He brings energy, fun, and goofiness into the office every single day.

Professional Experience

Chris has done some form of freelance graphic design and Internet work since starting college in 1999, going full-time at the beginning of 2008. Since his introduction to HTML coding during his first semester at college and publishing his first website by Christmas that year, web design has been one of his main passions.

Chris is an HTML and CSS (Jedi) Master and has experience with many other languages and aspects of web development, such as web hosting, domain name registration, user interface and template design, W3C standards-compliance and semantic code, MySQL database manipulation, PHP and jQuery scripting, accessibility and search engine optimization, website and server performance configurations, web traffic and visitor analysis, and more.

Fortunately, and perhaps because Chris is a Gemini, he also has a strong creative side in addition to the more rigid, analytical coding side. He was born an artist and has a great eye for creating aesthetically pleasing and good graphic design.

He diligently pushes himself to stay on the cutting edge of industry best practices and techniques to produce an excellent product, both for our clients' benefit and to create something he is happy to put his name on. Basically, if there is a better or cooler way of coding something for the web, he's driven to understand and implement it.

Learn More About Chris

Born in Bryan, Texas, Chris went to high school in Springfield, Virginia. He headed back to Texas for college and was married to his wife Kate, a speech pathologist. After spending a few years in the Black Hills region of South Dakota—where his wife is from—they moved briefly to Virginia and finally back to Texas. They have three padawans, Elanor, Jason and Miriam. When he isn’t honing his coding skills, Chris is spending time with his family and enjoying the outdoors.

What You Might Find Interesting About Chris

Chris was trained by his father, Jack, who has several decades of experience, to build fine hand-crafted hardwood furniture. Chris bumped his middle finger into an edge jointer one time, and is proud to say he learned his lesson and his fingertip made a full recovery.