Dr. Lisa Learn

Dr. Lisa Learn

Dr. Lisa Learn came to us when Top Practices, a medical marketing team, recommended Foster Web Marketing to her. At the time, Dr. Learn didn't have much of a website—it was a brochure site (a static website that is not updated or engaging), and was neither indexed nor coded correctly. Our goal was to provide a beautiful website that reflected her business and communicated her brand effectively.

Dr. Learn’s practice was based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and she decided to move to the very competitive area of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She wanted the very best in web marketing to dominate her competition, and the ongoing effort has kept her business at the top.

Site Features

Virtual Consulting Webinar

What we did: We added a prominent “Virtual Consulting” button in the header of Dr. Learn’s website. This navigates users to a page where they can contact Dr. Learn to schedule a webinar for a one-on-one consultation before they ever even visit the office.

Why does it work? Dr. Learn is one of many cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons in her area, and getting in front of prospective patients is critical for these doctors. By offering a free virtual consulting, Dr. Learn has a huge leg up on the competition. Plastic surgery can be an awkward and intimidating subject for many people, and virtual consulting allows prospective patients to meet Dr. Learn, discuss issues, procedures, and options all from the comfort of their own homes. For anyone with reservations about cosmetic surgery, this can be a deciding factor in moving forward.

In the Press

What we did: Dr. Learn has been featured in the press many times. We created a sliding module that features some of the many publications and news stories in which she is featured.

Why does it work? Dr. Learn has gotten great exposure from her work, and being in the press is very beneficial to her practice. By featuring her press clippings on her website, she can provide social proof of her skill and expertise. People often look to celebrities and status when they are looking for the best in the business, and being featured in the press gives Dr. Learn this advantage.

Botched Fixes and Branding

What we did: Dr. Learn has made a name for herself by fixing botched plastic surgery procedures. We’ve featured this procedure on the site and in the content. We used Dr. Learn’s logo, the two layered blue Ls, to style the site and create cohesive branding.

Why does it work? While these two things may seem unrelated, they are anything but! Dr. Lisa Learn works closely with patients who have suffered from a botched plastic surgery. A botched plastic surgery can be incredibly traumatic, embarrassing, and nerve-wracking for prospective patients. It can be very hard for these patients to ever trust a cosmetic surgeon again! By using a calming shade of blue in Dr. Learn’s logo and emphasizing the welcoming and comfortable environment she provides, we are able to put these patients at ease. You will see how Dr. Learn empathizes and connects with her users throughout the content on the website. The colors we’ve used to brand the website have been proven to relieve stress and soothe a nervous mind. The design also serves to highlight Dr. Learn’s office location. Fort Lauderdale is a very popular beach destination; by providing a relaxed look, calming colors, and a spa-like feel, we were able to tie the relaxing beach vibe into her branding.

Latest and Greatest Site Architecture

What we did: While you can’t see it the code we’ve used to create the website, it is a critical factor in users' experience and website ranking. We’ve provided Dr. Learn with a seamless, responsive design.

Why does it work? The responsive design means the website will load quickly on any computer, tablet, or mobile device, and responds to the layout of the device it is being used on. A better user experience means better search engine rankings, and it will keep users on the site for longer. Dr. Learn’s website is not only incredibly fast and intuitive, but it is optimized for all devices (and even passed Google’s “Mobile Friendly” test) to provide the best possible user experience across all platforms. Mobile search has changed the way patients are finding doctors. Local search on mobile devices is rapidly increasing. By tracking mobile analytics, we see how many searches, page views, and conversions are coming from mobile devices, so we know how critical a responsive mobile site is to Dr. Learn’s business.