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We met the good people of Indiana Podiatry Group at the Top Practice Summit. They were tired of their old website and for good reason! The site was extremely outdated and was not performing well; users had to dig through four pages of content just to find the information they needed. The images, the font, and the site navigation scared more patients away than it attracted. After all, if the doctors’ website is outdated and poorly maintained, potential patients are bound to assume the same about the doctors behind the website. This website is new and is a fantastic example of a version three web design.

Site Features

Sliding Images on the Homepage  

What we did: The feature that this client is most pleased with is the sliding images on the homepage. The doctors wanted these images to represent the types of patients they serve runners and athletes, children, generational patients, and the aging population. We searched out pictures that spoke to each of these demographics and the client was very happy with the outcome. And so are we!

Why does it work? These images aren’t static; they’re dynamic. This adds interest and also allows us to feature each of the groups the podiatrists want to target. This strategy is effective because when potential patients visit the site for the first time they see themselves in the pictures and therefore are able to imagine themselves getting dedicated, specialized care, increasing engagement and conversion.

A Spotlight on Their Patient Relations Manager

What we did: At the Indiana Podiatry Group, the majority of people who come into their office are repeat patients. Because of this, the clinics work hard to engage their staff in the patient care and intake processes. So it was important to the podiatrists that we feature the woman who is the face of the office: Patricia, their patient relations manager. She is the first person patients see when they walk in the door and she often speaks with patients over the phone. To highlight this we prominently displayed her image on the home page along with the text “I need information on foot problems.”

Why does it work? Patricia’s image is effective for two reasons. The first is that it gives new patients an idea of whom they will see when they enter the office. They will recognize her familiar, smiling face when they step through the door. This gives new patients a sense that they already “know” her, increasing their comfort level. The second is that the image makes prior patients feel at ease when they visit the website. They recognize her and are therefore more likely to click on the link to get their questions answered.  

Prominent Display of Newsletter Sign-Up

What we did: The Indiana Podiatry Group has always sent out newsletters, but its website didn’t make it easy for people to sign up to receive it; the form was buried three pages deep. So, on the new site, we created a newsletter sign-up form and ensured that it was easy for users to find. A newsletter sign-up button is featured on the right-hand sidebar on each page, as well as under the “Free Info” heading on the main menu bar that appears at the top of every page.

Why does it work? It works because this important feature is highlighted on every page; it’s almost impossible for users to miss it! And when they sign up, their contact information is automatically added to their database in our intuitive, powerful CRM system, which the team at Indiana Podiatry Group have been making the most of. The podiatrists are now able to easily send out targeted email campaigns to their client base and are already seeing good returns on their efforts.

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