Build a Digital Marketing Machine to Get to Your Goals Faster

Digital marketing has become a lot more complicated over the years. The quality, management, and creativity you put into your marketing matter a whole lot more, and there are a ton of avenues to explore that could potentially drive clients and cases to your door. 

It’s no longer about chasing keywords and Page One! Instead, your goal is to build a well-oiled machine of marketing that constantly puts you in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message. 

When you have it all working for you, those keyword hits and Page One results often happen naturally—and you’re far better prepared to really USE the wins you earn. 

We love working with James Roswold, and he’s a great example of what happens when you get the whole marketing machine working for you. James is a very well-known attorney in the Kansas City, Missouri area. He invested in a freshly redesigned website for his law firm, Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys (KCAIA). Then, he laid the foundation for its long-term success with ongoing software, services, and coaching with FWM. 

With that whole machine of intentional marketing at the ready, check out what KCAIA has achieved. 

They Are Killing It With Review Generation

It’s tough for law firms to get tons of good reviews, even when they have tons of happy clients. Some people that regularly leave positive reviews for hotels, restaurants, or products may not think about leaving a review for a law firm they’ve worked with—it’s not on their radar. And some people just don’t want to put it out there that they’ve had a legal problem or needed an attorney’s help. 

KCAIA, on the other hand, has a long history of earning positive reviews from satisfied clients. And their secret to positive review generation is simple: they ask for them! 

Anissa Fritz, KCAIA’s marketing lead, is very active in garnering new reviews for the firm. She makes sure that clients are asked for feedback at the right stages of their “customer journey,” and happy clients are invited to leave a review of the firm on outside review sites. This is a routine and regular part of touching base with their clients, so their review generation never loses steam. 

It sounds so simple, but the results of that clear and direct strategy speak for themselves.    

On average, KCAIA brings in 15 new 5-star reviews each month. They currently have 439 Google Reviews in total, with five-star reviews promoted on the home page: 

Attorney Google Reviews

KCAIA not only earns tons of positive reviews, but also keeps tabs on those reviews and ratings with the DSS SEO Tool, the DSS Local Listing Builder, Yext Power Listings, and guidance from FWM Digital Marketing Strategist John Spare. They always know what people are saying about them online, and they have an ongoing, sustainable strategy to stay on top of it. 

Find out more about how online reviews boost your business

There is no doubt that their review strategy has brought in phenomenal results. Now, when potential clients consider KCAIA, they are met with hundreds of positive, sincere reviews from real clients the firm has served. They are instantly set at ease about their decision to seek an attorney, and they get a powerful picture of what it’s like to work with KCAIA.   

And, while it drives people to the firm on its own, that’s not the only benefit of KCAIA’s review strategy. Their excellent reviews also play a big part in their local search visibility via the Google Local Pack.

They Found the Power in the Local Pack

When your digital marketing is working, you aren’t just getting traffic to your website—you’re getting relevant traffic that can turn into real leads. For KCAIA, the direct traffic to their website provides an average of over 1,000 potential leads to the site each month

How do they do it? Their success in getting all that relevant traffic is largely due to their presence in Google's Local Pack.

Great reviews, local listing management, and a modern website all contribute to the traffic and leads a law firm gets. These same kinds of things also show Google that your business is active and provides quality service. Those quality signals increase a law firm’s exposure in the all-important Google Local Pack, which shows up at the top of local searches. And a position in one of the three Local Pack spots often dramatically increases direct traffic to law firm’s website.  

You can do a simple Google search for any practice area KCAIA has—try Car Accident Attorney Kansas City, MO or Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Kansas City, MO—and you’ll see how they dominate: 

Attorney Local Pack

When a potential client of the firm types in a similar search, they typically see the Local Pack before they see any other search results. This is huge. 

KCAIA’s excellent review strategy drives leads on its own and positions them for more local visibility. The local visibility they’ve earned drives more and better leads to their redesigned website. Some of those leads become happy contacts and clients that will leave more positive reviews for the firm. 

It all works together, and it gets better as it goes!

Content and SEO Services Keep the Ball Rolling for KCAIA

KCAIA has been a longtime marketing services client with Foster Web Marketing, and those services have figured prominently in their success since their website redesign. They work with the FWM team for ongoing services like:

  • Monthly content creation
  • Content auditing and optimization
  • SEO optimization
  • Local SEO 
  • Strategic planning calls
  • Legal profile optimization
  • Backlink auditing and link building services

They also maintain a DSS Pro license that streamlines many of their marketing tasks. 

With our team and theirs working together, they don’t have to worry about doing it all themselves. Their monthly calls with FWM Digital Marketing Strategist John Spare keep them informed and focused on their goals. Their content is consistent and targeted toward their perfect clients. Their website is optimized to attract, convert, and retain more clients and cases. 

All the moving parts of their strategy—on our end and theirs—work together for the firm’s benefit, so it’s easy to “explode” a smaller win into something big. 

You Get Big Results When It All Works Together

Since FWM launched KCAIA’s redesigned website, the firm’s organic traffic has increased 46.79%

Attorney Organic Search

As we mentioned above, KCAIA’s leads also improved significantly from the date of the redesign:
Attorney Website Leads

John loves the working relationship he’s built with James and Anissa at KCAIA. James provides the "big picture" goals, while John and Anissa take those ideas and implement them in order to achieve results. John and Anissa meet once a month to review analytics and strategy, but they also touch base throughout the month to bring each other up to date on ongoing efforts. 

KCAIA has succeeded and continues to succeed because they develop “big picture” goals, then put all the support and strategy in place they need to position themselves for success. They build on the things they do well. They look for ways to improve and push for bigger wins. They accept guidance from the pros, and they constantly nurture the foundations they build.   

Even when you start with a simple idea—like a better review strategy—you have to harness everything the modern Web has to offer to keep your marketing machine running and bringing in new wins!  

Want to get these kinds of results for your law firm? Need more gas in the tank? Request a website analysis or give my team a call at 888.886.0939 to get started.