Website Focused on Perfect Clients Results in Better Cases and Happier Visitors

Estate Planning Attorney A.J. Yolofsky's New Website

A.J. Yolofsky didn’t set out to find a digital marketing partner for Yolofsky Law, but that’s exactly what he found in his ongoing journey to build a better website and grow his practice.

A.J.’s digital marketing journey started when he changed practices in 2016. Previously, his clients had come mostly from referrals. With the change in direction, he now needed to develop new ways to attract clients to his new firm.

“I never had to market in the past,” A.J. explains. “At first, I didn’t know what I didn’t know about digital marketing.”

FWM Analysis Seeds Idea for Bigger, Better Estate Planning Website

While A.J. knew that the Web plays a key role in attracting new clients, he didn’t yet have an actionable framework for moving forward.

In his search for answers, he took advantage of a website analysis with Foster Web Marketing, and it was an eye-opening moment for him. With that information and guidance from our team, he gained a better understanding of what it would actually take to reach his perfect clients online.

A.J. tells us that, after the analysis, “I had to completely rethink my existence—how I was doing, what I was doing.” Soon after, A.J. hired Veronica Fabara as his marketing director—the first new hire he made for his firm. They sat down together and started working on a strategy, and it became clear that the first step needed to be a new website.

It was also around this time that A.J. attended the 2017 Great Legal Marketing Summit. “The GLM Summit is a legal marketing firehose,” A.J. says. He was getting blasted with a ton of information about how to grow his firm and attract new clients, as well as tons of inspiration about how to make it happen. When he started talking to people about his website, though, he noticed a pattern. “People kept telling me to hang out and wait for Tom Foster,” A.J. says. “They told me, ‘Tom’s a Marine, and you’re a Marine. You’re going to hit it off.’”

A.J. met briefly with Tom and liked what he heard. He continued that conversation with Chad Foster, and they ended up talking for another 45 minutes. A.J. ultimately left the GLM Summit with 25 pages of hand-written notes, fresh motivation, and a better idea of how he wanted to handle his digital marketing.

Excited by the possibilities, A.J. made a deal with FWM to build a new website for Yolofsky Law.

Website Design Process Focuses on What Makes Yolofsky Law Stand Out

From the start of the project, A.J worked with Chad, Chief Business Development Officer Gretchen Upright, and the rest of our team to design a website that would really speak to his perfect clients.  

“Most estate planners’ websites tell you the same three things: I’m smart. I’m experienced. I write my own documents,” A.J. says. “Clients mostly don’t care about those things because it does not translate to how the attorney can help with their situation.”

“I’m in a service business,” he says. “I want people to see the best side of me, and I want to build a reputation. I don’t want to look like everyone else.” A.J. wanted to avoid building a website that seemed cold, distant, and arrogant or that only focused on him. Instead, he worked with our team to design a website that would be more inviting for his perfect clients and feature truly informative, relevant content.

“What stands out to me about A.J. is his passion for learning,” Gretchen of FWM says. “In a typical law firm, a new lawyer is given an office and told to get to work. A.J. has his employees continue to learn with required reading, as his law firm is a concierge firm with a well-educated client base. He also has a different approach to customer service than many estate planning firms with his membership rates and custom plans with unlimited calls and emails.”

As they talked through the design process, Gretchen recognized that A.J. needed a design that would meet his clients at their level. She also wanted to create a design that would showcase the firm’s personality and unique business approach.

“A.J.’s ability to share what makes him different helped us in writing content personalized to him and his client base,” Gretchen says, and his motivated input was instrumental in helping us connect him with a website that would show him at his best and grow with his firm.  

When his website was up and running a few months later, A.J. knew he had a good foundation to build from. “People would say ‘We love your site. There’s so much information. You really got it together,” A.J. says. “Plus, there are all kinds of cool things to do in DSS.”  

With the power of DSS behind his attractive new site, A.J. has been able to set up email drip campaigns for his book downloads, build conversion-focused landing pages, and set up better tracking for his leads.

“With the new website, they can’t escape,” A.J. says. “I can’t miss those leads!”

The Results: Happy Visitors, More Traffic, Better Cases, and Peace of Mind

Now that A.J.’s website is live, how does he know it’s working? While A.J. has seen positive trends in his analytics data, it isn’t the numbers that let him know that his investment in a website has been a success. Instead, he points to the results he sees in front of him every day:​

  • He gets frequent feedback from people who love his new website. ​
  • He’s getting more of the kinds of cases and clients he wants.

“The matters coming in are more complex,” A.J. says. “My business is evolving to the point where I need to either grow or shrink, which is a good thing.”

The new website also offers A.J. some peace of mind that his clients will see the best of him anytime they visit his firm online. “I don’t worry about what people are going to think when they visit my website or if they’re going to find what they want,” he says.

Hiring Veronica as his marketing manager also freed A.J. from a lot of day-to-day tasks, so that he can concentrate on strategy and ideas for attracting his perfect clients, as well as attracting talent who are trained to be “marketing ambassadors” for his firm.

Having the website and DSS at his fingertips has also inspired A.J. to develop more creative projects for his firm and for his visitors. Right now, he’s working on rolling out his “Be a Hero” reading program, which grew out of his love for reading and listening to books that improve his life and his business. His plan with the “Be a Hero” program is to offer honest reviews of books on his site, along with links to purchase the books. All the money his readers spend through those links then goes to charity. It’s something he’s really excited about, and he’s looking forward to promoting the program both on his website and on social media.

Trust and Experience Make the Difference at FWM

Part of what initially attracted A.J. to FWM were the signs that he could put his trust in us. As he learned more about us and what we do, he saw testimonials from real people he actually knows, like GLM’s Ben Glass. He was also attracted to FWM’s experience with consumer-oriented law firms, like personal injury firms and estate planning firms. A.J. also appreciated working with a fellow Marine, and he knew that Tom was someone who would stand behind his team’s work.  

“I haven’t talked to many marketing firms,” A.J. says, “but I see plenty of them in South Florida.” To him, they often seem to be inexperienced people that promise the world, but don’t show how they plan to get from the promise to the delivery. Indeed, there are few that focus on attorneys and numerous others who only want to start a PPC campaign.

A.J. liked FWM’s honest approach to digital strategy, and he felt more confident knowing that we are experienced with attorney websites and know the playing field. “Attorneys, in particular, have to play by state bar rules,” A.J. says. “General marketing firms just don’t get it.”

Now, he is very happy with his website. He can measure the steady gains he’s making, and he knows he can trust our team to work closely with him. He also appreciates that we can all work together to put any “ego” aside and simply focus on getting the best result out there.

“I don’t even think of FWM as a marketing company. To us, it’s like calling over to another part of our firm.”

– A.J. Yolofsky

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