Superstar Attorney John Fisher Warns: The FWM Method Only Works if You Use It

"Having a Foster website isn’t a guarantee of success, but you’re going to have the tools," said John. "You’re going to have the Lamborghini in your garage, and it’s your choice whether to drive it or not."

This glowing testimonial comes from one of our Super Star clients, John Fisher—an advocate for patient rights. John has been a client since 2009 and we love working with him; he is truly a dream client. Why? Because he "gets it." He not only listens to our advice, but he takes it and runs with it, working hard to better his website and grow his practice. He gets in that Lamborghini and not only takes it for a spin on a Sundays, he puts the pedal to the metal and owns the road 365 days a year.

How John Is Winning His Local Market

N(C)Koza10023Fisher012Final.jpgot only is John handily beating out attorneys in his area, he is getting cases from across the country. Other attorneys ask him how he does it, complaining that they don't get any internet referrals. His answer is always the same: you have to hire Foster Web Marketing.

Because while John is a do-it-yourself kind of guy—writing and adding his own content and shooting his own videos—he values the FWM team and services, in particular, DSS. DSS stands for Dynamic Self-Syndication and it is the proprietary website management tool that FWM built from the ground-up. For John, DSS is the key to being able to manage his site while still running a successful law firm.

"Your system [DSS] is very easy," gushed John during a recent interview. "Infusionsoft, on the other hand, takes a lot of work. That's not something you can step into. But with your product, anyone could use it; it's brain-dead simple."

The Three Website Design Elements That Made Him Successful

Aside from his love for DSS, there are three website design elements that John believes have been crucial to his success. These three represent a big chunk of his referrals and conversions, and John sincerely believes that without them, his website wouldn't be the effective marketing tool it is. According to John, the three pillars of his websites' success are:

  • Hyper-focused practice areas – During our conversation, John stressed multiple times how crucial it is to have unique, specific practice areas. John knows his clients, he knows what they want, and has built his practice areas around their unique needs. Tip: Blindly narrowing down your practice areas is a waste of time. You need to understand exactly who your perfect client is before you even think about revaluating and renaming your practice areas.
  • Testimonials – On every page of John's newly redesigned website, there is a testimonial. For John, this is the most powerful conversion tool on his website, as they give him "instant credibility." Tip: Be sure that you are making the most of testimonials. Don't be scared to ask for them. Once you start getting them, add them to your site. Bonus points for shooting client testimonial videos. Nothing is more convincing than a first-hand, video testimonial.
  • Live chat – John has been blown away by the power of Ngage, the live chat provider we use at FWM. "Ngage is magic; it's incredible," said John. He strongly believes that the addition of live chat is one of the best things he's done with his website. We couldn't agree more. We have seen how conversion rates skyrocket when live chat is added to a site. Tip: This advice is simple: get live chat. If you don't have live chat, you're missing out on more conversions than you can imagine. Get the skinny on why your attorney website needs chat

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that no matter how busy you are and no matter how small your practice is, you can rock your local market and compete with the big dogs.

At Foster Web Marketing we can help you become a do-it-yourselfer like John, or our team take over your entire marketing campaign; the choice is yours. But no matter which of our services you choose, I urge you to take action now; take the steps that will allow you to exceed your marketing goals and to not only beat the competition, but leave them in the dust. Like us on Facebook to get all of our updates or call 888-886-0939 to get started on your journey to FWM Superstardom today. 

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