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Vuk Vujasinovic and Brian Beckcom, the managing partners at VB Attorneys, have been clients of Foster Web Marketing since early 2007. The multi-faceted firm had two websites at one point; each site intended to showcase a different service area. When one of their sites was hit with bad backlinks and fell into poor standing with Google, the team decided to merge the two sites in one, which was the previously established VBAttorneys.com.

The site merge made VBAttorneys.com stronger than it had ever been, and Brian and Vuk are able to land bigger and better cases. Since then, they’ve opened up their service areas beyond maritime and personal injury, as they gained international attention for their successes.

Site features

Highlight High-Visibility Cases

What we did: We feature VB’s most prominent cases on the homepage, including the Captain Phillips case, which gained the firm international attention and has helped them land new clients.

Why does it work? This custom module advertises a high profile case, which is attention grabbing and provides links to press kits which we’ve created for the firm. The press kits offer information about the case itself, media appearances, information about the firm, videos, and more. These items make it easy for busy media contacts to find key information about each case, and lend to the attorneys’ credibility and public esteem.

Focus on Video

What we did: We recommended a large video player in their header, as they have an extensive library of high quality videos that we’ve featured in the sliding video module just below the header. When a video is selected from the slider, it plays in a light box, rather than taking the user away from the page.

Why does it work? The homepage video gives the partner attorneys Brian and Vuk the opportunity to introduce themselves, establish their expertise, and give potential clients a feel for their passion and commitment. The videos also feature one of their most talked about cases, involving Captain Phillips and the Maersk Alabama. Because Captain Phillips was made into a movie, the case itself became national news and the public wanted more information. By providing videos on his site, the media was able to see that Brian was well spoken and presentable on camera, which landed him spots on multiple news broadcasts, talk shows, and in countless articles.

Site Speed Improvements

What we did: You can’t see the code changes we made to the site, but they are integral to the firm’s success online. By upgrading the site to our “latest and greatest” architecture, VB’s marketing team is able to control which modules appear on which pages, and what is previewed within those modules. We were also able to provide a featured module, offering a free and confidential analysis.

Why does it work? Not only does the firm have greater control over the look and feel of EVERY page of their website, but their site is also faster to load. A quick loading site helps with search rankings and provides a better user experience. Finally, with the ability to control what site visitors see in each module, the firm can group information into categories that would interest the visitor based on the topics on the pages they are visiting.

Not Your Usual Free Case Analysis!

What we did: The header of the site’s home page features a “Free Case Analysis” module. The idea for this was generated at the firm when they heard how successful our own “Free Website Analysis” campaign had been for us!

Why does it work? Brian and Vuk wanted to stress two things with their “Free Consultation” module. First, they wanted to make it clear that they are Board Certified, lending to their credibility, and second, they wanted to assure users that their analysis was confidential. Due to the sensitive nature of maritime lawsuits, it is incredibly important for maritime workers to ensure that any details of their pending case not get shared with the public. This module emphasizes both important points, which helps the firm to garner trust with potential clients.

Make it EASY for Visitors to Contact You

What we did: You’ll notice a contact form right on the homepage. In fact, there is a contact form on every page of the site, as well as multiple free offers for download. Brian and Vuk have created a variety of free offers to appeal to the different kind of clients they are trying to attract to their website.

Why does it work? The contact form allows users to reach out, inquire about services, or open the door for conversation. Law firm websites need a contact form on every page, so it is easy for potential clients to reach out. Don’t make people hunt for ways to get a hold of you!

The free offers, which are primarily ghost-written books provided by Foster Web Marketing, provide additional, detailed information to the types of people the firm is targeting with their marketing. By gathering contact information in exchange for a free book, Brian and Vuk are able to use a follow-up campaign in order to stay in the forefront of that prospective client’s mind. Slow, steady reminders of your abilities as an attorney are the best way to land new cases and clients.

Some interesting facts: One of the many cool details you’ll see about this site is the image in their header. We found this photo, taken by hobbyist photographer, Lance Cunningham, and felt that it showcased VB Attorney’s primary service area of maritime law beautifully. The photographer was thrilled when VB asked for permission to use it, and now the site has a unique, defining image with a cool story behind it. Don’t be afraid to try something a little different with your images—forget about gavels, courthouses and the scales of justice!

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