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Let’s be honest. Marketing can be the most painful part of operating a business. That’s especially true for podiatrists, lawyers, and other professionals that have to balance directly serving their clients with the work of running a business. And marketing itself is hard work. It’s not like it’s something you can do in one weekend or with 10 minutes out of your day. It takes consistent, intentional effort over time to get results. 

So, that’s a lot of weight on your shoulders. How can you do it all? 

The truth is that you can't. No one can! 

That's why having access to kick-butt software and a team of developers, strategists, and designers makes such a big difference. You get better outcomes when you use tools that relieve the pressure and let you do your job better and faster. 

Your marketing software, in particular, is a power player here—and we know it better than most marketing companies out there. We saw the need decades ago, and we’ve been developing and expanding our DSS marketing software ever since. We are a software and marketing company rolled into one, and we know that the problems businesses face are endless. But we know the solutions and possibilities built into DSS are endless, too.

So, what can our software do? 

Everything. Well, not everything, but almost everything—and it empowers you to do what you need to do simply and effectively. It takes the pain out of marketing your business!  

So, show me where it hurts, and I’ll show you how to take the hurt away with one mega-powerful tool. Do any of the marketing “pain points” below sound familiar?

Pain Point #1: My website isn’t performing, and I don’t even know why.

And here’s the fix: real-time reporting. 

Maybe you feel like the phone isn't ringing. You feel like the leads aren't coming in. You feel like you could and should be doing better. Feel. You feel these things—wouldn't you rather know for sure? 

Wouldn't you rather know if the leads have really dried up or if this is a small dip in a quickly climbing trend? Wouldn't you rather know which marketing channel is suffering? Maybe your phone calls have held steady, but your website sign-ups are way down. Maybe you haven't sent an email since December, and you're not quite top of mind. 

With DSS, you can get up-to-the-minute reporting on your website analytics, email stats, and call tracking—all in one place. Our software is a Swiss army knife, both in functionality and ease of use. It fits in your pocket, and you can easily pull out the stats you need—when you need them—right from your mobile phone. 

With DSS, you always know what’s happening. You can always pinpoint problems. You know where to start fixing and where to watch and wait. That’s how you track your performance and truly understand what’s working and what isn’t, all without breaking a sweat.  

Pain Point #2: I keep forgetting all 43 of my logins. 

And here’s the fix: a one-stop shop for all your tools.

How many times have you hit that "forgot your password" link when trying to get back into your main email account? Or maybe it’s your 4th email account because you needed a new one, and you needed a new one because you forgot the password for your old one. Let’s not even talk about all the logins for directory and local listings that you’ve only used maybe once or twice over the years. 

This is life as a business owner. It’s one of those things no one talks a lot about, but everyone experiences when they’re just trying to get the job done. 

But does it really have to be like that? We don’t think so. 

Our software reduces the number of passwords you have to enter and the number of outside websites you have to visit to get your marketing tasks done. DSS comes fully loaded with a local listing tool that will help you seek and destroy all the weird, miscellaneous listings for your business that appear all over the web. 

DSS also comes fully integrated with a social media and reputation management tool that you only have to put your password into once. It’s a one-stop toolbox that you can open up when you’re ready to work, and everything you need is right in front of you. 

By the way, we’re a software company as much as we’re a marketing company. If you have a tool that you use a lot or MUST have, let us know. Some of the best suggestions for our built-in integrations with DSS have come from people just like you! 

Pain Point #3: I NEED MORE LEADS!

And here’s the fix: do you nurture the ones you’ve got?

A lot of businesses feel like they’re not getting leads from their websites. But, with a little further inspection, it often turns out that they’re getting plenty of leads—they’re just leaving them hanging.

Not so with DSS. 

Look, I can wax poetic about how we have a great CRM with a built-in email builder and deployer. But the really cool thing DSS can do is drip campaigns. Yes, you really should be sending a series of emails to everyone who signs up on your website. That’s how you nurture new leads and convert them into interested clients! 

A large percentage of the population needs an email or three to make a hiring decision. Others need an email to hit their inbox at just the right time. Most times, the difference between getting a great referral and a nothing-burger for dinner is "has this former client seen an email from me in 6 months?" 

A drip campaign, one of the many features of DSS, can scratch all three of those itches. Getting more leads is great, and we can help with that. However, if you automatically nurture the leads that come in, you will capture more referral sources and fence-sitter clients that would otherwise slip away. Those are some of the highest-converting leads you can capture!

Market the Pain Away With Software Built for Users Like You

There’s lots of marketing software out there. And a lot of it is confusing. It’s full of features you may never need, or it’s so focused on one modality that it can’t do everything you need it to do. 

We developed DSS so that every part of it is useful for law firms, medical practices, and similar businesses. It was created with only those users in mind, and we’ve developed it over the years with feedback from other attorneys, podiatrists, and professionals. There’s nothing in DSS that is going to be totally useless to you. But you don’t have to use it all at once. The beauty of DSS is that you and your team can work at your own pace with total support from our team. Get started with site content and emails. Grow into more advanced features. DSS is painless to use and ready to grow with you. 

Are You Considering Adding Marketing Automation Software To Your Law Firm or Medical Practice Strategy?

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