Hannah McNaughton: Manager of Content Operations at Foster Web Marketing

You’ve probably heard us say that, when it comes to online marketing, Content is King. If that’s true, then Hannah McNaughton is surely Queen. Foster Web Marketing’s Content Manager spends her days juggling emails and calls from clients and leading our US-based writing and editing team—all to ensure that Foster creates a steady stream of high-quality, relevant, interesting, and optimized content.

Hannah joined the team three years ago as a content writer, when she was looking for a job that she could balance with her home life. She became more interested in developing with the company, and eventually found her place as the Manager of Content Operations.

Hannah is a perfectionist—especially when it comes to content. She isn’t afraid to tell you the difference between a hyphen, en dash and em dash—or to make sure every article she writes or edits is perfect.

What makes her an effective manager? “I believe that relationships matter more than almost anything. You need to have a good product, but you also need to have amazing relationships with your clients and colleagues. At the end of the day, it's not what you've built, but whose life you've impacted that matters.”