…And Miles to Go Before the Web Design is Done

If you ever find yourself sitting back and thinking, “Yes, my website is finally done,” then think again. When it comes to web design for law firms, the design is never complete because your site should be continually changing, updated, and added to.

One area of your site that should always be updated is your web content. Google rewards this by pushing your page closer to the number one search result - as long as you are constantly offering new and fresh material on your site.

The design of your practice page should never be set in cement, and do not think that the ten library articles you have will sustain you for the next five years - or even the next five days! Your web design will constantly grow as you are adding more and more informative content.

Think of your homepage, too – this page should always have a new headline as you tell of your latest and greatest case. Like a newspaper, that headline should be different each and every day, with updates as they come along.

Web design is a living, moving creature. Keep it dynamic to gather interest and gain clients who believe in you and your expertise.

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