How do I know when my attorney website is ready to go live?

If you’re building a new attorney website, it seems like there is always something else you can add. You may be envisioning a huge library of information, another practice area or two that might be helpful, more articles, more videos—more, more, more! But, if there is always more you can add to your website, how do you know when it’s “finished” enough to finally go live?

The great thing about modern website design is that a website is never really finished. Even after you go live, you should be regularly updating and adding to your site. Determining when to initially go live isn’t an exact science, but you should at least meet some minimum requirements, including:

  • Your main landing pages and practice areas are ready to go. 
  • Your navigation system is in place and there are no broken links.
  • Images, videos, and other page elements are working properly. 
  • Your text content is well written, relevant, and free of errors. 
  • Your contact information is correct and easy to find.
  • You are able to easily add more later.

If your attorney website design is handled by Foster Web Marketing, we’ll help you get everything in shape to go live, make sure everything is in working order, and we’ll train you to use our easy Dynamic Self-Syndication™ (DSS™) system, which makes it easy to add, update, and delete content later!

For more information about designing websites for lawyers, or if you have questions about making your attorney website a success, reach out to the experienced team with Foster Web Marketing today at 1-888-886-0939. 

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