Lead nurturing

When a potential client converts into a lead for your business, they’re usually somewhere in the middle of their “customer journey.” So, when they download your book, respond to your emails, or otherwise reach out to you, you still need to treat them with care. 

If you suddenly disappear, or if you drop the ball after the initial contact, that fresh lead can quickly sour on what you have to offer. And, instead of giving you a second chance to do it right, they’ll usually move on to a competitor that’s willing to welcome them with open arms. 

Clearly, nurturing your leads is important. But why do so many podiatrists and lawyers lose the leads their marketing brings in? Most of the time, it comes down to a lack of time, a lack of strategy, or both. 

However, getting the right marketing automation software on your side can solve a lot of problems for you, without adding a bunch more work to your plate. 

Hey, while we’re at it—are you having trouble fitting in all the marketing tasks you need to do? Let marketing automation software save you even more time when you choose a CRM with these 7 features. 

Marketing Automation Software Lets You Put in the Extra Care Without the Extra Work

There are a lot of ways marketing automation can speed up your lead-nurturing strategy without dragging your schedule down. Below, we’ll talk about 7 of the most important tasks you really SHOULD be doing automatically. 

1. Automatically Follow Up When Someone Contacts You 

The moment someone decides to contact you is critical. They’ve made the first move to put their trust in you, and they’ve put the ball back in your court. One of the biggest reasons lawyers and podiatrists lose great leads is that they don’t follow up fast enough when potential clients express interest. 

The good news is that you don’t have to sit in front of the screen, ready to pounce on new leads at any moment. With marketing automation software, you can create emails ahead of time that are automatically sent when a potential client takes an action, like downloading your book or filling out your contact form. They get quick confirmation that their message was received, as well as a reassuring taste of what to expect if they choose to hire you. 

2. Get to New Leads Faster

On the potential clients’ end, a fast response is reassuring. On your end, though, it’s critical. You need to know that potential clients are trying to reach out to you, so you and your team can follow up personally. Prompt lead notifications through your marketing automation software mean no one falls through the cracks, and you can get to those valuable leads faster. 

Most people are looking for a podiatrist or lawyer because they have a burning question or need help right away. You want to be the practice that had answers right when they needed you. It's not just great customer service; it also puts you one step ahead of your competition. 

In this situation, the “early bird” almost always gets the case or client! 

3. Send Customized Emails to Make an Impression

A lot of people think that signing up for marketing automation software equals resigning themselves to generic templates and lukewarm designs. Quite the contrary, though, the customization available in some of the top software options means you can be creative more quickly and easily than if you were doing it all by hand. 

With the Advanced Email Editor in DSS, for example, you can create, use, reuse, and tweak gorgeous email templates that are customized and personalized to your practice. Your emails get a branded flair and personal touch that reminds potential clients of you each time you reach out. It lets them know you care, reassures them you’re a real business, and makes them much more likely to take the next step with you.    

Plus, working from an already customized foundation gives you more time to get creative with your copy and focused with your message!

4. Tag Contacts to Stay Organized and Avoid Overload

The worst thing you can do when someone converts into a lead is leave them hanging. The second-worst thing you can do is utterly overload them with your campaigns! 

It is totally possible to overwhelm new leads with TOO MUCH communication. 

Imagine you downloaded a book from a company’s website. Suddenly, you start getting five emails a day from them. You don’t feel nurtured—you feel harassed! And you’re probably looking for that “unsubscribe” button before the first week is up. 

Going overboard like that is a quick way to get yourself in hot water because you’re not just losing leads. You’re also putting yourself at risk of getting labeled as “spam” and prevented from sending emails to anyone!

However, you DO want to keep leads interested and engaged with the right kind of communication. And you want to retain their contact information for future campaigns that might interest them. This is why it’s so important to choose marketing automation software that not only collects contacts for you but also includes contact tagging. 

When you get your tags set up just right, you gain much more control of your contact list. It’s easier for you to see the contacts you’ve gathered, and it’s way easier to include and exclude individuals or similarly grouped contacts from any of your email campaigns. 

When you have your contact list under control, you know your leads are only getting the most targeted messages that are relevant to them. It’s a perfect balance, and it’s shockingly easy to achieve with the right marketing software. 

5. Relevant Content and Related Reading Keep Leads Engaged

The content management system (CMS) included with your marketing software is a big deal. In fact, it’s such a big deal that we wrote a whole article about what you need to know about content management systems.

As far as nurturing your leads, though, a little content can go a long way if you handle it well. You want new leads to see relevant content that answers their questions and reassures them that there are potential solutions. You also want them to quickly find the content that is most relevant to their unique needs. This is where marketing automation comes in. 

Let’s say you add an article to your website about someone’s rights after they are hurt in a car accident in your state. In DSS, you can categorize that content under your car accident practice area, which connects it with other pieces of content in the same category. You can set everything up to show a link to those related articles in sidebars or panels on other “car accident” pages on your website. So, when a lead checks out one piece of “car accident” content, they automatically get suggestions for other content that might be relevant to them. 

It creates a better customer experience because potential clients don’t have to sort through everything on your website to get an answer. Instead, they can get better and more specific answers as they follow a logical content “trail.”

6. Track and Analyze Leads to Hone Your Conversion Power

Very few people start out with an absolutely perfect lead-nurturing strategy. It takes time, experience, and data to get it right, and it’s something that you will probably always strive to tweak and approve. 

However, if you’re not tracking and measuring what drives your leads to you and convinces them to become real clients, then you’re going to have a tough time building on your success. Getting your analytics data and tracking tools harmonized with your marketing software keeps you focused on what is working. It’s easy for you to identify how and why you’re getting leads, as well as which content, campaigns, and calls to action they respond to best. You can even keep tabs on social shares and likes!

Ultimately, if you really know what’s working for your perfect clients, then you can get better and better at bringing in new leads and motivating them to become clients.  

7. Stay in Touch Even If They Aren’t Active Clients

If your best clients never hear from you again after they’ve paid the bill, they probably aren’t going to be very motivated to come back or recommend you to a friend. But law firms and medical offices do this all the time!

You have to realize that a lot of your best clients come from referrals given by other happy clients. A lot of your best clients probably also come to you after they’ve spent months thinking about taking action. 

So, you still need to nurture the people who have shown interest in you but aren’t active clients. If you keep them in the loop with your business (using all the good email and tagging practices we talked about above), then you foster better relationships—the kinds of relationships that turn into more cases and clients for your practice. 

Even better, some marketing automation software will even let you keep tabs on your reviews and online reputation, so you can easily see for yourself what past clients and contacts are saying about you. When you know those reviews are out there, you can promptly respond and show them that you care about their experience. 

DSS: Powerful Marketing Automation Software Built for Lawyers and podiatrists

You just don’t have time to do it all by hand AND run your practice! It’s easy for things to spin into chaos, and it’s easy to lose good leads in the storm. 

However, when you automate the right parts of your marketing, you give yourself more control.

That’s really why we built DSS. We wanted to create marketing automation software that perfectly fit the needs of our podiatrist and lawyer clients, and we wanted to create something that would be both powerful and easy to use.  

Do you feel like your marketing and lead-nurturing strategies are suffering because you’re too busy to stay on top of it? Give yourself a break, and boost your success while you do it.  
Request a demo of DSS to get a taste of how easy it can be, or give us a call at 888.886.0939 with your questions.


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