There is absolutely no marketing automation software out there that can replace the personal communication and care provided by your human sales and intake team. That personal touch is a big part of what makes people trust you enough to hire you or buy your products, and it’s usually a huge part of what keeps transforming your leads into clients and cases.

However, at some point in a law firm’s or medical practice’s success, their sales team WILL get overwhelmed, and they will need more support to keep giving every lead that comes in the TLC they deserve.  

But is adding another salesperson to your team really the only solution? 

A lot of what overwhelms sales teams is the work that goes on behind the scenes. The more people you have contacting your business, the more work it is to manage, track, and nurture those contacts. Hiring another salesperson can alleviate some of the pressure, but that won’t solve everything. Instead, you need to step back and look at ways to improve and empower your existing team’s ability to sell.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is designed to streamline and improve the relationships you build with contacts, clients, and partners. When set up and used right, CRM software can be as valuable to your practice as another salesperson—and it can support your existing sales team, freeing up their time to do what they do best. 

Not convinced that a CRM can do the work of a whole, extra person? Keep reading to get three reasons a CRM can be even MORE valuable to your practice than a new salesperson. 

1. CRM Software Can Collect and Manage Contact Information Better 

Some law firms and medical practices task their sales teams with manually entering contact information for every person that contacts their office. It’s a crazy waste of time, and it introduces a lot more risk of human error in the process. It can also create big delays when contacts start to pile up!

With a CRM, you can automatically collect contact information when someone fills out a form on your website, and you can rest assured that you will have that contact information the moment you need it. You don’t have to wait for someone to put it into the system manually, but you DO retain the ability to manually add contacts or import your contact list from elsewhere. No one falls through the cracks, and no information gets lost in the shuffle. You can even set up tags that categorize and organize your contacts, so you and your sales team can get more targeted with your communication. 

Getting a CRM that works with your website and automates data collection means your human sales team can drop the “busy work.” They’ll spend more time nurturing your leads and turning them into clients for your practice, and your business will reap more of the rewards of having a dedicated sales team.  

2. CRM Software Can Follow Up With Leads Faster

Timing matters. In the online world, most people expect a response immediately after they fill out a contact form on your website. It builds a lot of trust when they know their message was received and you are already taking their requests seriously. 

However, if you leave your leads hanging at this critical point of contact, they will have plenty of time to keep searching elsewhere for a podiatrist or attorney that will respond. 

It’s a nightmare to try to manually catch every lead the moment they come in, but a good CRM takes all the work out of those initial contacts. With the CRM in DSS, for example, you can set up an automatic response that thanks each person for their inquiry, lets them know when to expect a callback, and points them to helpful information they can review in the meantime. The message hits their inbox moments after they hit “submit” on your website, so they don’t have to wait around or wonder what happens next.   

Of course, even with a CRM, you want your sales team to reach out to the people that contact you. The benefit is that the automatic email responses sent by your CRM are sent with zero delay, buying your human team a little time to respond more personally. With the DSS CRM, you can even choose to send a series of emails over time that work in tandem with the calls and emails from your human sales team!

Automatic follow-up through a CRM means that potential clients get an excellent customer service experience right from the start, and they keep getting little reminders that show them you care about their concerns. Even better, your sales team spends more time talking to leads that are already “primed” to be more receptive, trusting, and informed, so their work for you can be even more effective. 

3. CRM Software Streamlines Your Tracking and Campaign Management

Email plays a central role in most practices’ lead-nurturing and relationship-building strategies. However, getting those campaigns just right takes a lot of work in the background, including:

  • Making sure your emails are going to the right people on your list
  • Making sure you’re playing by email providers’ rules
  • Tracking the success of your email campaigns, including clicks, opens, and click-throughs
  • Building new campaigns based on past campaigns’ performance 

With the DSS CRM, you can track the performance of your email blasts, targeted campaigns, and newsletters at a glance, as well as view your quality score:

DSS CRM Email Score Dashboard

The tools in the DSS CRM make it easy to stay on top of your email reputation and identify what’s working—so you can do more of it. 

Questions? Learn more about the email dashboard in the DSS CRM. 

And, hey, if you’re worried about your online reputation beyond email, DSS has a tool for that, too. Get started with the Reputation Management Tool in DSS.  

Get Powerful Marketing Automation Software That Lets Your Team Excel

CRM software requires no salary, no benefits, no vacation, and no time off. It works for your practice around the clock, and it takes the pressure of routine tasks off the plate of your sales team. When you find and implement a CRM that works well for you, you empower your sales team to truly excel. 

Plus, you build a stronger foundation for nurturing the leads, clients, and contacts that you want over the long term. 

Interested in test-driving a CRM that can improve your sales strategy? Request a demonstration of DSS, or give us a call at 888.886.0939 with your questions.  

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