How do I get more visitors to my attorney website?

While it can be tempting to want a super high hit count for your website, it is far from the most important online metric. What matters more is converting visitors into customers.

However, some ways to get more visitors to your attorney website can also do much more than that. For example, writing content can both improve your visitor count and improve your ability to turn page viewers into clients.

Write More and Better Content

There is a reason that content is king. Having more and better content can not only generate more traffic, but drive higher quality traffic to your website. The right kind of content will attract the right kind of visitor.

Write News Articles

News articles can certainly drive more traffic to your website. However, with news articles, it is possible to get visitors that quickly leave your website. Instead, it is useful to have content that attracts and engages high quality visitors. One such approach is to answer the questions of your potential clientele by having Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on your website.

Write Frequently Asked Questions

To write FAQs for your website, it is useful to imagine who your ideal customers are and focus on what you think their most pressing questions are. Then write answers to their follow on questions. Once you write one answer, you can link to another FAQ page on your website. This engages your visitors and allows users to click through to obtain the information that is relevant to them.

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