In my online law firm marketing, should I try to go for highly competitive keywords, or should I avoid keywords with a lot of competition?

This is a great question; however, there isn’t a completely clear answer. Although highly competitive keywords can be relevant to your practice and popular for your online audience, you may find it difficult to get the kind of page rankings you’d like to see. For many popular keywords, it can be a struggle to even show up in the first page or two of results! Even if you make it to page one, you may not rank as highly as you could with a slightly less competitive keyword phrase.

The trick to choosing the best keywords for your online website content will probably boil down to using a mix of both highly competitive keywords and more creative and targeted keywords. Spend some time thinking about the kinds of services you offer and the kinds of questions your potential clients are likely to have. Use online keyword research and monitoring tools to determine which keywords are driving clients to you, and use that information to build stronger and more specific keywords for your online content.

The important thing is to regularly review your keywords and decide what’s working for you. Some attorneys find that certain highly competitive keywords are worth the constant struggle for a better ranking, while other attorneys may find that less competitive keywords actually bring in more potential clients who are ready to hire an attorney.

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