Is this plugin right for my site?

"Plugin" is a broad term, so let's narrow it down first.

What is a Plugin?

A plugin is essentially an extension to existing software applications. The purpose is to allow a third party to make an addition, add a feature, or change the functionality of your site, browser, or whatever software you are integrating the plugin with. They can be incredibly useful depending on what you are trying to accomplish- or they can be a huge detriment and slow down load speed of your site. If you don’t know what a plugin is for, do not add it to your site!

Functionality- is integration possible? Do we support it?

If you are interested in a feature or option for your site, determine exactly what it is that you want to accomplish. DSS offers functionality that may not be blaringly obvious upon first glance, but you don’t want to start making additions without first checking to see if you already have the feature. Many of our best features are not made public on your site, because we want that information to remain exclusive to you! For example, your DSS dashboard gives you a glimpse into how your site is doing. It can offer a nudge when it’s time to update your content, and it lets you know what your bounce rates look like per page. However, if you want to get more in depth, you do not need an extension! You’ve already got it through Google Analytics (Control Panel>Reporting>Visit Google Analytics).

It’s important to note if integration is possible, as well. While you may not be able to tell the difference between HTML and Script plugins, our customer service team can answer your questions, as well as give suggestions for your specific needs. There are plugins we do not support for a multitude of reasons, but specifically they are generally written for WordPress sites. If you don’t know why DSS is a superior product, check out this link!

There are pros and cons to many of these plugins but the bottom line is DO YOUR RESEARCH! If there is something you want to see, be sure it is recommended for SEO purposes, check to see if it is something DSS already offers, and be sure it is truly beneficial to your goals.

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