Ashlynn Luna

Ashlynn Luna

Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Foster Web Marketing
  • 315A Cameron St, STE A Alexandria, VA 22314
  • 571-290-4721

Professional Experience 

Ashlynn graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelor's in business administration. After graduating college, she had the unique opportunity to work at a local synagogue where she taught Hebrew and English to an all-girl preschool. Ashlynn realized that she loved her job as a teacher but wanted to pursue her passion for travel. She then held an array of jobs, working as a seasonal barista at a ski resort in Utah, where she helped manage the team and their social media and traveled the country in the off-season.

Ashlynn eventually found herself living in Mexico, creating a business teaching English to locals who wanted to work in tourism; she also landed a job working in administration and management, promoting local rental properties in Canada. Through her work managing and marketing her business and the rentals, she found her passion for digital marketing. 

Ashlynn joined the team at Foster Web Marketing in January 2024 as a Digital Marketing Specialist. In this role, she supports the Digital Marketing Services team and their clients. 

Learn More About Ashlynn

Ashlynn was born and raised in Oregon. Being from the Pacific Northwest, she is a huge nature lover and hiker. She has hiked all over the Pacific Northwest and Midwest, including Canada and Mexico. 

Ashlynn is a proud second-generation Mexican American and comes from a big family. 

What You Might Find Interesting About Ashlynn

Ashlynn’s passion for the outdoors and holistic wellness have led her to become certified as an integrative nutrition coach and yoga instructor. She has taught and coached clients to live a life of wellness and fulfillment. She is also a great cook and loves trying new things in the kitchen.