Megan Arthur

Megan Arthur

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Megan started writing for Foster Web Marketing in 2015. She enjoys creating engaging website content, white papers, email campaigns, and other products that embody each client's unique brand and speak to their ideal clients or patients.

Professional Experience

Megan decided to be a writer at age seven after realizing her favorite things were reading and making up stories about characters from Dr. Seuss books, "Superman," and "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

She began writing professionally in 1998, covering local events for her small community's newsletter. In the years since, she's written for publications such as the "San Francisco Chronicle" and the "Austin-American Statesman" and had her work featured on numerous websites and in various lifestyle and trade magazines. Megan is particularly adept at providing clear information on complex matters and finding ways to make even the most "boring" topics interesting.

More About Megan

Born in Montana, Megan grew up in the Midwest and Central California before moving back to the Big Sky State as an adult. She lives with her husband and their elementary-school-age son, an inexhaustible ball of energy named for a Celtic slave who led a rebellion with Spartacus during the Third Servile War and Captain Jean-Luc Picard from "Star Trek: TNG." Family hobbies include playing D&D, growing vegetables indoors, and keeping their city's Little Free Libraries stocked with books and educational games/toys.

What You Might Find Interesting About Megan

  • A longtime cooking (and eating) enthusiast, Megan interviewed two "MasterChef" contestants for the "Houston Chronicle," including Season 3 winner Christine Ha.
  • Each February, Megan and her family make more than 500 valentines for local child advocates to deliver to children in the foster care system.

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