Buster Tate

Buster Tate

Chief Executive Officer
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Buster Tate is the Chief Operating Officer at Foster Web Marketing. As Tom Foster’s right-hand man, Buster’s skills in business strategy and customer relations are instrumental in the success of both Foster Web Marketing and our clients.

Professional Experience

With a background in the fields of advanced information technology, marketing, financial analysis, web development, project management, and customer service, Buster has accumulated more than 30 years' worth of experience. A former employee at the Pentagon, Buster brings to Foster Web Marketing an efficient and time-proven system of helping clients.

In addition to his impressive domestic resume, Buster also served two one-year terms in the Middle East, during which he developed plans and provincial reconstruction teams that have helped to make areas such as the Anbar Province in Iraq a glowing example of the future for post-conflict business in the Middle East.

Buster also served the members of the United States Navy and Marine Corps in his role as the senior civilian responsible for all quality of life programs. In this position, Buster marketed businesses that supported military families through an award-winning web portal that he helped to found and develop.

Learn More About Buster

Buster lives in Alexandria, VA with his wife. He is the father of Mary and Matthew and grandfather of Tyler and Campbell. He has been lauded with awards for his work in federal service.

What You Might Find Interesting About Buster

What isn't interesting about Buster? He's a man with many stories, most of which Tom knows, because they are neighbors!

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