Candelaria Dominguez

Candelaria Dominguez

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Professional Experience

At 19, Candelaria Domínguez started her journalism career, writing for the biggest national newspapers in Argentina. She is an avid searcher of stories, profiles and ways to showcase the core issues of Argentinian society. At 24, she published a range of stories about sexual trafficking in Argentina, gender issues and marginalized groups stories in diverse publications. She started to travel around the country covering different topics and in 2016 she developed a news agency called Feminacida with 8 friends. Feminacida soon grew and became the biggest female publication of the country, with 40 writers, a radio show and 2 podcasts.

At 26, she started her path as a social media manager, leading the social media team for Ambito Financiero, an argentinian financial newspaper. Two years later she started her path in television, producing five tv shows and one radio show. Last year, she also became an executive producer.

Currently, she writes articles and scripts for different publications.

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She is the fifth of six daughters and she plays the drums. She is a passionate futbol fan and she loves to go to futbol matches. She also has 2 dogs and cooks. A lot. She still can’t swim or remember any board game rules.