John Prager

John Prager

John Prager

  • Editor and Trainer
  • Foster Web Marketing
  • 10555 Main Street #470A Fairfax, Virginia 22030
  • 703-665-0307

As a staff editor at Foster Web Marketing, John is responsible for ensuring all i's are dotted and t's are crossed before they leave the nest and head out to the web. He also has an ongoing column on the Foster Web Marketing site in which he discusses the perils of punctuation, as well some grammar tips that you may need to brush up on before you push your content to publish!

Professional Experience

Early in his days at college, John Prager was used as an example of “someone who does not know how to write an English sentence.” Subsequently, he went on to a career involving numbers rather than words, working as a hotel auditor and night manager for 28 years.

But, Foster Web Marketing relishes a challenge, and decided that rehabilitating John was a project worth doing. He worked for two years as a contract writer and editor before making the transition to staff editor in 2014.

His unofficial job is to serve as the crotchety old guy on the FWM team. Every company has one.

Learn More About John

Writing and editing is actually John’s third career. In addition to hotel bookkeeping, he also has worked extensively with high school and middle school competitive speaking activities, including debate, individual events, and Student Congress. John was a paraprofessional speech coach for a decade, and then moved on to become a freelance lecturer and tournament director. He credits speech with helping him surmount severe social anxiety: “Basically, I didn’t talk to anyone until I discovered debate in high school, and I still have difficulty with some tasks, like talking on the phone,” he says.

What You Might Find Interesting About John

John has lived in Michigan all his life. He’s unmarried and has no children. His hobbies include avid reading, playing piano (especially ragtime), and role-playing gamemastering.